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Tasteful, Terrific, Taurus Sun: 4/19/14

astrology_chartwheel 2The Sun moves into stubborn, steady, strong, security focused Taurus on Saturday April 19, 2014. The second sign of the Zodiac has the Bull as its symbol. Perfect! However, since it is ruled by the lovely, romantic planet Venus, earthy Taurus has several other dimensions. It can be practical and dependable, but it’s also, sensual, a lover of beauty, good food and luxury. Loved ones are treated to poetry, music and gourmet restaurants, while getting a lecture on avoiding financial pot holes – nice mix.

Regardless of our actual Sun sign, for the next few weeks we can all tap into those Taurean traits of strength and determination so that we solidify and complete the projects started during the high energy of the Aries Sun. Watch out for a tendency to be overcautious – don’t miss an opportunity out of fear. Security is attractive, especially in this financial climate, but, sometimes we have to take a second look to see the advantage.

The “Bull” is Taurus’ symbol for a reason – stubborn, unwavering in beliefs, will hold on after others have dropped the tug rope, etc. (Just remember to “let go” when obstinacy is no longer useful) However, while standing fast, Taureans are also writing a little poetry for a loved one, enjoying a gourmet meal in a romantic restaurant and checking the addition on the bill.  :-P

Taurus:  *Gemstone: Rose Quartz * Power color: Soft rose-pink* Body Part: Neck

*Sun into Taurus:  4/19/14 – 11:56PM EDT / 8:56PM PDT


Orange Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse – Libra!

Astro Moon red-moon-eclipseOvernight, April 14/15, 2014, a beautiful copper colored, Full Moon will be viewable in some parts of the world. Since it occurs in Venus ruled, Air sign Libra, we will be inclined toward cooperation with our partners – searching for balance, fairness and calm. All of that, while being super social, beautifying both ourselves and our surroundings at the same time. If it helps us tune out / tone down any negative, angry voices out there (or in our heads), terrific.

As I’ve mentioned in this space before, a ”Full” Moon phase packs power and can give our thoughts clarity. It starts the “waning” or decreasing, of the Lunar orb, a good time to gather results or confront the useless – clean up old projects, get rid of outmoded thought patterns and  attitudes in order to clear the way for the next “New” Moon in 2 weeks.


Weekend Moon – Work, Then Play

Astro New Moon CrescentTake the opportunity on Friday and Saturday to use the Virgo Moon to get all practical, responsible and stuff. As the steady, efficient Mercury ruled 6th sign of the Zodiac, Virgo reminds us of the importance of health, nutrition and service – it will lend itself to a guilt free “what’s next” – the very social Libra.

Very early on Sunday April 13, 2014, the Moon moves into relationship focused Libra and remains there until Monday’ . We can network. We can initiate sparkling conversations. We can schmooze. Ruled by lovely Venus, Libra really appreciates comfort in both surroundings and partnerships. You can fill the balance of the weekend with silk and cashmere quality events if you want – people, pretty things. Sounds good to me.

Have a sensible yet delicious weekend!


Friday the 13th, Astrologically Speaking…

A stubborn, determined, sensual, Venus ruled Taurus Moon can make December 13, 2013 an exciting, rather than frightening Friday. It’s all about life’s beauty and pleasures, but it also brings forth the obstinate bull in us. Is there such a thing as inflexible love? Nobody wants to lose, give up/ give in, change direction. “Stickin-to-your-guns” works, until it doesn’t. Pay attention and accept when it stops working. Regardless, luxuriate in good food, good people and good times. Astro New Moon Crescent

Sunday will have us talking more, writing more, etc due to the Moon’s transit of the Gemini,  guided by communications planet Mercury. While Gemini’s duality (the Twins?) can make us clever and versatile, we can also be a little flighty and distracted – so think before you speak or push “send” on that email or text. Regardless of whatever you get into – have a terrific weekend!

FYI:  “Triskaidekaphobia” – fear of Friday the 13th.



Moon for the Holidays!

Most of us will have an early weekend start due to the Holiday. Below is a heads up about where the Lunar orb will be and what influences we may experience as we celebrate: Astro moon-waning-crescent-l

Thanksgiving / Hanukkah (begins Wednesday at sundown)  Moon is in relationship central Libra, so whether you will celebrate either/or (both?), this Venus ruled Air sign is perfect for social gatherings, sharing abundance, setting a beautiful table.

Weekend:  Beginning Friday evening the Moon will be in determined, focused, take no prisoners Scorpio (it’s ruled by Pluto). This can be great for scoping out sales or just corralling a significant other into a secret rendezvous. Regardless, Scorpio’s passion and Water sign emotions can be put to good use.

Enjoy your Holiday!


Taurus Full Moon This Weekend 11/17/13

Astro Moon FullWeekend Moon in Taurus starts Friday November 15, 2013 and this Venus ruled Earth sign’s power will be intensified during the it’s Full Moon phase early Sunday morning.  As always with a “Full”, it is a good time to finish what you’ve started. With the grounded Taurus’ focus on security and the sensual, it makes sense to complete any money dealings and/or improvements to surroundings or self. Beauty and comfort, both financial and physical, is prime.

Later, on Sunday evening, the always moving Moon reaches busy Gemini. This Air sign pushes communication of all kinds. There will be urges to read, chat and tweet (probably all at the same time).

Enjoy the weekend!


Moon in Sensual Taurus For The Weekend!

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lAfter the fierce and feisty Aries Moon on Thursday and Friday, we calm down when the Lunar orb moves into earthy, solid, Venus ruled Taurus on Saturday 9/21/20 remaining until early Monday. It’s about sensuality, life’s beauty and pleasures, but since the second sign of the Zodiac is a “fixed” sign, it also brings forth the obstinate bull in us.

Is there such a thing as inflexible love?  Nobody wants to lose, give up/ give in, change direction. “Stickin-to-your-guns” works – until it doesn’t. Pay attention and accept when being stubborn stops getting the results wanted. Relax and luxuriate in great food, great people and great atmoshere as much as you can during this final weekend of Summer.

Have a delightful weekend!


Moon in Lovely Libra 8/10/13

Astro New Moon CrescentThe Moon will be in the balanced, genial Air sign of Libra on Saturday and Sunday. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by lovely, romantic planet Venus, urges us to create, beautify, socialize, and surround ourselves with pretty things.

Partnership and relationship focused, both business and romantic, charming Libra seeks harmony with others and harmony within the home. These are good things! Others can feel good around you. Get with people, spread cheer – invite a few folks to Sunday brunch (and / or cocktails)? 

Have a sweet weekend!

New Moon Plus 5 Planets in Pisces – Wow!

Astro New Moon CrescentMonday’s New Moon, March 11, 2013, is in Pisces. It won’t be alone. Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Venus and the Sun are also transiting the 12th sign of the Zodiac thereby doing major amping of Piscean themes in addition to highlighting a Moon phase that spurs on beginnings and the “new”. This sensitive, dreamy, imaginative Water sign makes it a perfect time to explore the spiritual while grounding ourselves in real life. Take notes and write down suddenly vivid, technicolor  dreams, but keep a grip, don’t float away in a haze.

FYI – Mercury Retrograde ends on Sunday March 17th. The Communication planet will stop and start moving forward again. After a day or so, there will be an energy shift, things seemingly stuck in molasses will loosen and start moving. New Moon energy lasts for approximately 2 weeks, so we have time to initiate those brilliant projects we’ve been stewing over during the Retrograde period. Creativity should be on the boil.


A Taurus Weekend * Love & Money!

Astro New Moon CrescentIt’s a Taurus Moon beginning Friday evening January 18, 2013. Feeling beautiful, stubborn and material? It might be the vibrations of this fixed, finance focused Earth sign guided by the elegant, luxury loving planet Venus. There may be choices to be made about weekend plans. Either tackle those finances (taxes anyone?) or indulge yourself (along with a significant other?) with one of those decadent little chocolate cakes with the red raspberry filling! Money vs Romance – remember, not all things are either/or. “AND” can often work very well too.

Regardless, the determined, solid Taurus influence enables us to get things done and finish whatever was started during the impetuous Aries Moon of the previous few days. You can manage your cash and still be good to yourself and loved ones.

Make the weekend great!

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