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New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Taurus – Money Honey!

Astro New Moon CrescentTaurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac is about security, finances and what is of value to you. All those things are highlighted with the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse in this grounded Earth sign on April 28 PDT / April 29 EDT. With both luminaries in Venus ruled Taurus, (the Sun since 4/19/14) romance, beauty, creativity are also strong influences. Time for a new love, a new project, a new budget?

A “New Moon” heralds beginnings and is a great time to energize, initiate projects, make changes. Re evaluate how you spend and save your money. You can be loving and creative while managing your cash. Financial stability may allow you to still indulge yourself and your loved ones when you want without causing a budgetary crisis. Bull-like resistance to change, classic Taurus stubbornness, may not work now – look for a new way of thinking if needed.

Solar Eclipse / New Moon: 4/28 11:14PM PDT – 4/29 2:14AM EDT



Scorpio Moon Saturday & Sunday!

Astro New Moon CrescentThe Lunar orb is in Water sign Scorpio this weekend (along with the Sun). A “New” Moon and a Solar Eclipse, on November 3, 2013, occurring in the same sign, makes the caution “hold on”, excellent advice – power and passion can go off the charts. Moderation works. Going deeper may reveal things that you don’t want to see or hear. However, New Moons are great for beginnings, initiating plans. The 8th sign of the Zodiac gives us the fire power to be focused, persistent and determined. For the next 2 weeks, seize the opportunity and go after what you want. (Just remember that Mercury Retrograde, in Scorpio, doesn’t end until 11/10/13) Have a meaningful weekend!

The Moon is ”New” in Sensual Scorpio, 11/13/12

Always good advice to “hold on” when the luminary is in emotional, sensitive, Water sign Scorpio. Especially when a “New” Moon phase and a Solar Eclipse occur in the same sign – power and passion can go off the charts.

Tuesday will be great for beginnings, initiating plans. The 8th sign of the Zodiac gives us the fire power to be focused, persistent and determined. This can be deep, this can be serious. Seize the opportunity and go after what you want.  


Scorpio New Moon & Solar Eclipse: November 13, 5:08 PM EST / 2:08 PM PST


Time for the Youthful, Versatile Gemini Sun 5/20/12!

Welcome to “twins” Land.  Gemini is the 3rd sign of the Zodiac, representing duality (think Castor and Pollux).  This Air sign is all about flexibility, multi-tasking, being busy, needing change. Regardless of your birth sign, everyone should benefit from a boost of Gemini energy. Communication is key – chatting, tweeting, talking, writing. The social butterfly routine can be done with a good time being had by all.

Yes, the Sun will be in Gemini until June 20, but, there’s more! Lots of planet activity during this same time period intensifies Gemini traits and influences are powered up several notches:

*New Moon and Solar Eclipse Sunday afternoon May 20 – “New” always great for beginnings. The Eclipse can encourage us to take chances, risk.

*Venus, planet of beauty and romance, in Gemini since April 4, has softened language, encouraged creativity. Its Retrograde from May 16 to June 28 when it goes direct and then forward again to reach Cancer on August 8. That book you’re writing may slow down, but use downtime for research, rewrites, rethinking whether or not it really is a good idea to include details about that weird love affair from 10 years ago.

*Mercury, planet of Communication, rules Gemini and is therefore very comfortable there. The transit lasts from May 24 thru June 7 and during this time the cleverness and adaptability of Gemini, along with its critical and sarcastic talents rise to the surface. Everyone knows that Gemini is smart and sharp, no need for unprovoked take downs with verbal sparring or careless gossip.

*Jupiter, planet of opportunity, luck, excess, will sit in Gemini from June 12, 2012 until June 29, 2013. This planet can lift spirits, add to the joy of life and also make us reckless, taking multi-tasking to new levels. Gemini’s communication talents can be stretched to outrageous, bigger is better proportions. This can be very entertaining, but ground yourself, contain the scatter and nervous energy.

While the Sun is in Gemini, its writing, reading, conversation, quick weekend getaways, a “I’m bored  – let’s do something/learn something new and different,” energy abounds. Enjoy!

*Gemstone – Pearl or Agate * Color – Yellow * Body part – arms, hands

FYI = Sun into Gemini – 5/20/12   8:16am Pacific /11:16am Eastern

Solar Eclipse. New Moon- 5/20/12   4:47pm Pacific / 7:47pm Eastern


Sagittarius – Sun, New Moon, Eclipse, Venus, Mercury: Wow Weekend!

Friday November 25, 2011, with both a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, should be a fun day for a retail extravaganza. Not that you should have one, just that the spirit and energy will be there to support you. Actually, a “New Moon”–is a great time to launch, create, kick-off, start something. Power is amped up with Mercury, communication planet, Venus, the planet of love / beauty, and both luminaries all in perky Sag, can lead to lucky, optimistic times – find the greatest bargain, the perfect gift, the bestest tree, manifest a dream. Or, you can hang out with family and friends – socializing works.

From Saturday afternoon thru Monday, the mood changes as the Moon shifts to serious Earth sign Capricorn. Did you go overboard? Eat too much, spend too much?  Spoke too many “truths” at the dinner table? Don’t waste too much time on regrets. Since this Saturn ruled 10th sign of the Zodiac needs to be businesslike and productive, focus and decide on what needs to be done – returns? apologies? You can handle it.

But, regardless of whatever out of body behavior may have been exhibited the past few days, don’t mope. Loosen up, stop grinding your teeth, the world is not ending (at least not today).

Have a super weekend!

FYI: New Moon and Solar Eclipse on 11/24, Thursday 10:10PM Eastern –  11/25 Friday 1:10AM Pacific

The Moon is “New” when it’s in the same sign as the Sun (Sun entered Sagittarius on 11/22/11).  Even though the Moon will go on to another sign (Capricorn on Saturday), the supportive “New” energy lasts for approximately 10 days. 


Astrology: Awesome Sun & Moon Power in Gemini June 1, 2011

Not only is there a New Moon, but a Solar Eclipse also happens in Gemini on Wednesday June 1 (Sun entered Gemini on May 20).  With the 2 potent luminaries in this sign of the twins, its duality makes this the best time to do 2 things at once- scrabble and crossword, chat and charm, read and analyze. The versatility and quickness of this Mercury ruled Air Sign is enhanced. Just remember to breathe – everything doesn’t have to happen at warp speed.

Communication can be powerful, so watch yours and everyone else’s. Is there something that needs to be said, or something that you need to hear? Pay attention – information can have muscle. Messages given and received can be truly helpful. Don’t miss out by being too wrapped up in the chatter.


a) Solar Eclipse/New Moon – 5:03PM Eastern/ 2:03 PM Pacific – Wednesday June 1.

b) The Moon is considered “new” when both the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign  – generally a great time for new ideas and implementing new projects.

Astrology: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn 1/4/11

The first New Moon of 2011 happens on Tuesday January 4th. If that isn’t exciting enough, there will be a Solar Eclipse occurring on the same day in the same ambitious, career minded Earth Sign of Capricorn.

As I’ve said before, New Moons are always full of “beginning” possibilities, and with a Solar Eclipse happening also, the power to create amazing things is huge-er than usual (Yeah, I know, I’m really starting to take too many liberties with spelling and word construction).  However, Saturn, Capricorn’s planet ruler, can supply the pragmatism and discipline to go with this sign’s natural tendency to go forward and pursue a path to success.

Even though the Moon will change signs on Wednesday (Aquarius), “New” energy lasts for about 10 days giving us a chance to make some plans, formulate some strategies, start something good. Yes, Happy New Year!

BTW- Solar Eclipse: As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon fully or partially covers the Sun as viewed from some location on Earth. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth. (per Wikipedia)

Astrology: Powerful Weekend – Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse!

Awesome weekend… We have a Saturday morning Cancer Moon (family, food, caring) and since both luminaries, Sun and Moon, are in the same water sign, we experience all the positive push of the “New” Moon on Sunday 7/11. To add to all that emotional, sensitive, nurturing power of Moon ruled Cancer, there will also be a Solar Eclipse in the same sign. Don’t be surprised if you have urges to cook, fluff pillows, press cold damp cloths on heated brows.  Friends, family are good to be around.

Moon/Sun in Cancer and a Solar Eclipse – good stuff.  New Moons are great times to “begin” something – start ups, initiatives, action, etc. With the additional power of the Eclipse, take advantage of all the positive energy, be creative and bold!  Do your elevator pitch with passion and style, launch that boat, make that marriage proposal, take a chance! (I get carried away J )

Careful not to over react during this sensitive and emotional time, but do pay attention to your heightened instincts. The universe is telling you something.

However, before you know it, the Moon will have moved into regal and happy Leo – a definite attitude change – on Monday morning 7/12. Instead of Florence Nightingale, it will be Superman or Superwoman, whichever fits. You will perform great feats just to bask in the attention that often comes with great feats. Dial down the drama, get a smaller cape and have fun.

Solar Eclipse: As seen from the Earth, a solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, and the Moon fully or partially covers the Sun as viewed from some location on Earth. This can only happen during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from Earth.(Wikipedia)