Final Mercury Retrograde of 2014!

| September 30, 2014

No need for us to be crazed and confused. We will get through it, again. On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Mercury Retrograde begins in emotional, intense, “dig deeper” Scorpio. It may affect any investigations, secrets, mysteries you’ve been working on or cause communication gadget interruptions, etc. Make sure any data, information, details researched and uncovered […]

Scorpio Full Moon – Go Passionate, Go Deep!

| May 11, 2014

Things might get a little intense on Wednesday May 14, 2014. Scorpio, a passionate water sign, can be emotional and sensitive and the force of a Full Moon can distill all that power into a cauldron of “feelings”.  All that energy can go off the charts. Tuck in all exposed nerves. Don’t take everything personally. […]

Great Weekend – Moon in Passionate Scorpio, Then Peppy Sagittarius

| December 26, 2013

Beginning Friday December 27, 2013, until Sunday, the Moon is solidly in the middle of Scorpio drama, intensity and determination. Anything you want to find out? Search for anyone, uncover a mystery? The Scorpio Moon provides the determination and energy to discover and handle truths. Secrets are not safe from this Pluto ruled Water sign. […]

Moon for the Holidays!

| November 25, 2013

Most of us will have an early weekend start due to the Holiday. Below is a heads up about where the Lunar orb will be and what influences we may experience as we celebrate: Thanksgiving / Hanukkah (begins Wednesday at sundown)  Moon is in relationship central Libra, so whether you will celebrate either/or (both?), this […]

Scorpio Moon Saturday & Sunday!

| October 31, 2013

The Lunar orb is in Water sign Scorpio this weekend (along with the Sun). A “New” Moon and a Solar Eclipse, on November 3, 2013, occurring in the same sign, makes the caution “hold on”, excellent advice – power and passion can go off the charts. Moderation works. Going deeper may reveal things that you […]

3rd & *Final* Mercury Retrograde Of 2013!

| October 20, 2013

Mercury Retrograde in the emotional, water sign of Scorpio begins on October 21, 2013. Yes, it’s the last one of the year. Back up your stuff! Don’t let carelessness or lack of focus bite you in the nether regions. Mercury, (planet of communications, transportation, education, manual dexterity) stopping and then moving backwards in the sky […]

Where Will The Moon Be This Weekend?

| October 3, 2013

The Moon’s Zodiac sign position can set the mood or energy for the day and when the Lunar orb is in its “New” phase, the sign’s traits can intensify. It happens each month when the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign. So consider the Airy Libra Moon on Friday October 4, 2013 […]

Moon in Libra, Then Scorpio – Mixed Weekend

| January 3, 2013

The 1st Friday of 2013, January 4th, gives us a Libra Moon so that we start the weekend off on an artistic, relationship focused, harmony loving note. Persuade someone over to your point-of-view? Find a compromise? This Air sign fosters good feelings, people activities, beauty and creativity. Smile and enjoy it. Saturday evening, the Moon […]

Where’s the Moon This Weekend?

| December 6, 2012

Friday and Saturday, it will be in charming Libra. Sunday afternoon, thru Tuesday, we’ve got intense Scorpio. Air sign Libra and Water sign Scorpio are very different in their influences on us, however, squeeze the positive out of each, even though the “tone” of the day will change. Variety can be a good thing. Social, […]

The Moon is ”New” in Sensual Scorpio, 11/13/12

| November 12, 2012

Always good advice to “hold on” when the luminary is in emotional, sensitive, Water sign Scorpio. Especially when a “New” Moon phase and a Solar Eclipse occur in the same sign – power and passion can go off the charts. Tuesday will be great for beginnings, initiating plans. The 8th sign of the Zodiac gives […]