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Sparkling, Sassy Sagittarius New Moon 12/11/15

Astro New Moon CrescentA New Moon on Friday December 11, 2015 could set us up to enjoy more days of retail therapy. Festive spirits and holiday energy are there to be tapped into. Actually, when the Lunar orb is “New” it’s a great time to launch, create, kick-off, and / or start something regardless of the season. Sagittarius’ good nature and love of adventure are tweaked while both luminaries are in this upbeat Fire sign. We feel lucky, optimistic and of course will find the greatest bargain, the perfect gift, the bestest tree. Or, you can hang out with family and friends – socializing works.

With a Sagittarius Moon, taking chances, taking risks can seem very attractive and stimulating. An enthusiastic “we can-do-anything” frame of mind is a definite trait of this Jupiter, the lucky planet, ruled Fire sign. However, no matter how great the scheme sounds, you still must stay grounded enough to get all the facts (an exact measurement for the Bungee drop rope is a good idea). But, it’s nice to know that the universe and lunar energy are on your side.

*New Moon December 11, 2015 – 5:29 AM EST / 2:29 AM PST

FYI = “New Moon” energy lasts for approximately 10 days.



Positive, Peppy Sagittarius Full Moon 6/2/15!

Astro Moon FullOn Tuesday June 2, 2015, the Sagittarius Moon is fully lit by the Sun in its opposite sign of Gemini – very dramatic, but nothing to fear. (No fangs or hairy knuckles.) A “Full” phase is a time to look for results– we start to see the end product of what ideas/efforts were begun at the time of the New Moon back on 5/18/15.

With adventurous, upbeat Sagittarius, we have activity, an  “of course good things can happen” outlook and a willingness to go for miracles – which can come in handy when edging a project toward fruition. However, since mercurial Mercury (communication, tech stuff, transportation) is still Retrograde until 6/11/15, do sweat the details, research big plans and ideas to be sure they are on track and feasible. If it seems, “too good to be true…”

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, at “Full” phase the Moon is “waning”, on its way to the 3rd and 4th quarters, therefore, we could feel its effects for about another 2 weeks.

*Sagittarius Full Moon: June 2nd – 12:19 PM EDT / 9:19 AM PDT




Full Moon AND Friday the 13th – Uh Oh!

Just kidding 😎   Regardless of the stories about full Moons and what they do to us, we won’t necessarily grow fangs or act out. The Sagittarius Moon will be fully lit by the Sun in the opposite sign Gemini – very dramatic, but nothing to fear. And “Triskaidekaphobia” is just that, a “phobia”. The exact time the “Full” Lunar orb occurs in Fire sign Sag on “Friday the 13th” will depend on Time Zones – East Coast, Europe, etc. (It will happen on the Thursday June 12, 2014 Pacific Time).

Astro Moon FullA “Full” phase is a time to look for results– we start to see the end product of what ideas/efforts were begun at the time of the New Moon. With adventurous, upbeat Sagittarius, we have energy, a sense that “of course good things can happen” outlook and a willingness to go for miracles – which can come in handy when edging a project toward fruition. Of course, since nebulous Neptune and mercurial Mercury are Retrograde, do sweat the details, research big plans and ideas to be sure they are feasible. If it seems “too good to be true…”

The weekend is split between:

*Earthy Capricorn Moon, Saturday – authority prone, ambitious, organized

*Airy Aquarius Moon, Sunday – friendly, innovative, rebellious with a cause

Whichever way you lean, use your best stuff and as always, enjoy!


*Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 12th,  9:11PM PDT / June 13th, 12:11AM EDT

* “Triskaidekaphobia” – fear of Friday the 13th


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Scorpio & Sag – What a Combo!

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lOn Friday January 24, 2014, the Lunar orb is solidly in the middle of the sensitive, sensual, sizzling 8th sign of the Zodiac. A Scorpio Moon can render us focused, fierce and fearless. You may want to ratchet down some of the accompanying emotion and intensity to save room for tapping into the natural seductive energy of this Water sign. Use it to get what or who you want.

Then beginning Saturday evening, it’s all about Sagittarius influences, with planet ruler lucky Jupiter, a Fiery Sag Moon is time for big thoughts, big plans and big dreams. It can lift our spirits, thereby making us good natured and charming companions.

Have a super weekend!


Great Weekend – Moon in Passionate Scorpio, Then Peppy Sagittarius

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lBeginning Friday December 27, 2013, until Sunday, the Moon is solidly in the middle of Scorpio drama, intensity and determination. Anything you want to find out? Search for anyone, uncover a mystery? The Scorpio Moon provides the determination and energy to discover and handle truths. Secrets are not safe from this Pluto ruled Water sign. No hiding allowed. It translates to an unwillingness to coast, “go along to get along”, etc. Some feathers may be ruffled, but the impulse to drill deep and get to the bottom of whatever will be hard to deny.

Early Sunday morning, it’s all about Sagittarius. When the Moon bounces into this Jupiter ruled Fire sign, we tend to be upbeat, friendly risk takers. It’s all good, everything is possible, a “yes” attitude. Fun Sagittarian energy – great time to do something, be something, learn something – and enjoy it!

Have a marvelous weekend!


Optimistic Sagittarius New Moon 12/2/13

A New Moon in Sagittarius, Monday December 2, 2013, gets the month off to an upbeat start. Abundance, fun, bigger is best, far reaching ideas, etc. are all part of this Jupiter ruled Zodiac Fire sign.

Astro New Moon CrescentLaunch, create, kick-off, manifest – the New Moon is a great time to start something, especially with the positive, good luck Sag vibe. Of course success isn’t guaranteed, you still gotta do the work, but the universe and lunar energy will support you – which is nothing to sneeze at. Take advantage, work it – but, don’t get too cocky, pay attention to the details.

FYI = The Moon is “New” when it’s in the same sign as the Sun (Sun entered Sagittarius on 11/21/13). Even though the Moon will go on to another sign (Capricorn on Wednesday), the supportive “New” energy lasts for approximately 10 days. 

 *New Moon 12/2/13:  4:22 PM Pacific /  7:22 PM Eastern

Sagittarius and Capricorn for the Weekend!

Astro Moon FullFriday June 21, 2013, starts off the weekend with a Sagittarius Moon. The possibilities for adventure are endless. Take a short trip, spread a little cheer or have a deep and philosophical conversation about something (an often forgotten Sag trait).

An atmospheric change comes along on early Sunday, with the arrival of a Capricorn Full Moon (reflecting the light of the opposite Cancer Sun). Our thoughts become more deliberate and concerned with ambition, status, financial stability, etc.

Have a delightfully productive Weekend!


Sagittarius Full Moon Holiday Weekend

The Moon moves into the 9th sign of the Zodiac – let’s have an adventure Sagittarius – on Friday afternoon and becomes “Full” in the evening. This is a good thing – we can have fun as we prepare for the holiday weekend. During a Full Moon, the luminaries are exactly opposite each other. The Moon is fully lit by the Sun (in the opposite sign Gemini). Lovely, dramatic, but nothing to fear .

Astro Moon FullA “Full” phase, is a time to look for results– we start to see the end product of what ideas/efforts were begun at the time of the New Moon.  With fiery Sagittarius, we have energy, a sense that “of course good things can happen” and a willingness to go for miracles – which can come in handy when edging a project toward fruition. (The Moon will continue to wane, decrease in size, until we see the Moon in its “crescent” view.)

On Saturday afternoon 5/26, the Moon will slip into the next sign, Capricorn, and remain there until Monday.  You might notice a definite attitude/ atmosphere change. The 10th sign of the Zodiac has a duty, responsibility, authoritarian focus.  Maybe not many laughs, but things will get done

Enjoy the holiday!

Gemini in Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse Mode 11/28/12

It’s ruler Mercury, the Communications planet, is finally out of Retrograde motion as of 11/26 and both a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse occur in Air sign Gemini on Wednesday = powerful. The possibilities of clear, meaningful verbal and written exchanges while the Moon is in the third sign of the Zodiac are always with us, but with “Full” / Eclipse energy, even more so.

What do you need to say? What do you need to write?  With Gemini, interaction can be smart and clever, but now while the Luminaries are opposite each other – light from the Sagittarius Sun reflected on the Gemini Moon – it can also be purposeful, powerful and precise. Lunar Eclipses often make us rush (an urge to finish/complete) whether the urgency is real or imagined.  Take your time when finalizing communications or signing contracts. Close scrutiny and review can’t hurt if it’s important. Finish up what was started around the time of the New Moon, 11/13/12.


Last Mercury Retrograde of 2012 – On Election Day!

It happened in 2000 (remember those “hanging chads”?) and it happens again on Tuesday, November 6. Mercury goes “backward” on the day we vote. This is the planet of communication, travel, manual skills, fact gathering and analysis – things that have to do with being with people, places and things. When Retrograde, the possibilities for confusion, frustration, impatience are heightened. However, we can prepare ourselves so that fallout is reduced. We just need to be careful and pay attention. It can be done!

If you’ve waited until Election Day to vote in person, instead of using an “early voting” option, confirm your polling station, be ready to wait in line if need be – baby sitter, work skeds, water/bathroom breaks, don’t rush or get yourself flustered. Have the appropriate ID and any documentation required in your county, city, state to cast a ballot. Make the selections that you want – your vote counts (regardless of which direction Mercury is moving).

The Retrograde begins in Fire sign, Sagittarius. Sag is fun loving and forever optimistic. It’s about big dreams, big ideas and a general “Yes” attitude. During the next 3 weeks, the effervescence may dim a little, luck may seem harder to come by. Look before jumping into situations, do verbal filtering so that feelings aren’t stepped on. As always, where Mercury appears in the individual chart determines what part of life is most affected by the planet’s Retrograde motion, but regardless, being careful and mindful of pitfalls is a good thing for all of us.

Retrograde “re” suggestions– review, rewrite, rethink, etc – are not really for going backwards into the past but giving us time to make changes and re evaluations for the future.  If it’s important, re do it if needed.


*Final Mercury Retrograde for 2012:

November 6 – (6:04PM EST / 3:04 PM PST) until November 26- (5:48 PM EST / 2:48PM PST). Mercury backs into Scorpio on 11/14. It stops, goes Direct on 11/27 reaching Sagittarius again on 12/11/12