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Planets * Energy For The Astrology Chart!

Astro Planet ImagesI call them the “Big 10”. Yes, there are only 8 “planets” (Pluto has been classified as a “planet” again in January 2018″ after being labeled  “dwarf” in 2006), but the 2 luminaries – Sun and Moon – are always included when discussing Astrology.

Planets are the spark plugs in an Astrology chart. They each have a job to do as they energize the many facets of an individual’s personality and life. In addition, a planet is said to have “rulership” of a particular sign (it will be at its happiest and most potent energy when transiting there – fully expressed).

The Planets are listed below along with their Zodiac sign rulerships and duties:

Sun * Leo: Life force, self expression

Moon * Cancer: Emotions, sub conscious, nurturing

Mercury * Gemini and Virgo: Communication (when Mercury goes retrograde, we need to watch what we say and write), transportation, education

Venus * Taurus and Libra: Love, beauty and how we view/value ourselves and money

Mars * Aries: Action, conflict, sexuality

Jupiter * Sagittarius: Expansion, recreation, philosophy

Saturn * Capricorn:  Discipline, boundaries, authority

Uranus * Aquarius: Change, the unconventional, extremes

Neptune * Pisces: Spirituality, dreams, illusion

Pluto * Scorpio: Unconscious, breaking down and rebuilding, secrets

The location of a planet in a birth chart – its House placement, its Astrology Sign – can influence how we act/respond in particular areas of our lives as they currently transit and move around our chart today. 


Astrology: Feisty Aries Moon Weekend 4/29/11

An extra oomph, an extra buzz are just some of the possibilities as a result of the Aries Moon transit beginning on Friday April 29, 1:33PM Eastern/ 10:33AM Pacific.  Got something to do, something to start, something to face???Tap into the Fire sign’s energy. Aggressive planet ruler Mars is still visiting this peppy sign, along with Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury – powerful. Hmmmmm.

Hold the combustion unless absolutely necessary. Strive for the hammer in the velvet glove approach. Personally, I think super things can happen as long as feet stay on the ground. Keep cockiness to a minimum. (Is that even possible? Well, try.)

Atmosphere calms as the Lunar orb moves into practical Taurus late Sunday evening revving up for Monday’s New Moon in this Earth sign.

No matter what you do, seize the opportunity and have a fun weekend!

Astrology: Moving Planets- Mars, Venus, Mercury *Yay!

Since I think of planets as energy sparkers, I like to pay attention to where and when they move from sign to sign. (They also move from House to House in the Astrology chart.) As they transit, they form different aspects to current planet placements and also to the planet positions of a birth chart.  New influences are created and old ones changed.


For those who have felt the effects of Mercury’s Retrograde movement in Virgo, let us all sing a chorus of Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released”. On 9/12, the planet of communication, transportation, electrical gadgets, etc. stopped moving backward. It goes direct now and will get back to Libra, where all this started back in August, on 10/4.  Plans, events, appointments, meetings will now get a move on.  Hopefully, you have used this time to rethink and regroup so that you can hit the ground running! (I love that expression:0)

Mars and Venus in Scorpio * Together:

On 9/14, Mars the planet of passion and heat joins Venus, our planet of love, and will stay in the secretive, sexy, smoldering sign of Scorpio until 10/27.  Let the “speed dating” games begin. Romance and attraction should perk up considerably. All thoughts/deeds may not turn to “Love”, but, there will certainly be thoughts of pairings/get togethers/ connections, random or otherwise. (BTW – Mars in Scorpio is a great time for achievement of all goals.  Passion and focus in abundance can set us up for accomplishment.)

Mars,  this sign’s “traditional” ruler (modernists consider it to be Pluto), gets  ramped up with the emotional, intense Scorpio energy. Venus, gentle, beauty loving and affectionate, might not be completely comfortable in this hyper passionate sign, however, there should be some steam non-the-less. (Think of Marlon yelling “Stella!!!” – something like that.)

BUT- there always is one – Venus, ruler of both Libra and Taurus, starts its Retrograde motion on 10/8. This backward trek can dull the power of its natural traits. After it backs into its happy sign of Libra on 11/8, Venus will go “Direct” on 11/19.  Full power will be on. (Rethink your wedding date plans??)

Btw: “Stella” reference – Tennessee Williams “Streetcar Named Desire” with Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh, Kim Hunter

Astrology: Moving Planets

Wednesday March 10th is a busy day –”planetarily” speaking.

The Moon is currently in the ambitious, business focused Earth sign of Capricorn until 1:59 pm PST Wednesday.  Ruled by Saturn, a Capricorn Moon can be a time of very deliberate movement.  That sluggishness, coupled with the Retrograde Mars, might give a feeling of walking in molasses when it comes to any career plans.  However, the Moon only stays in a sign for 2 to 2 ½ days. It will move into the innovative, unrestrained Air sign of Aquarius by the evening of the 3/10.

As mentioned a few weeks ago, the volatile planet Mars (in the Fire sign of Leo), retrograde since December, will reverse and go forward on the same day.  But, before a planet can reverse, it must slow down to a standstill.  As it does that, the planet’s themes/characteristics are enhanced.  Look out for hot tempered issues, rash judgments, impatience as it starts its direct motion. Things will really speed up as we get to the weekend and the New Moon. Get something started!