New Moon in Comfy Cancer Midweek

| July 17, 2012

When both luminaries, Sun and Moon, are in the same sign, the Moon is designated as “New”.  Since the Moon rules nurturing, Water sign Cancer, the energy is in full caring, hovering, power mode. Don’t be surprised if you have urges to cook, fluff pillows, press cold damp cloths on heated brows. People can still […]

Astrology: Dramatic July 4th Weekend – New Moon & Solar Eclipse

| June 30, 2011

Busy holiday weekend starts Friday 7/1. There is New Moon energy, always good for beginnings, launches, etc, in the Water sign of Cancer and at the same time, a Partial Solar Eclipse occurs – 4:54 AM Eastern/ 1:54 AM Pacific. As a result, Moon ruled Cancer’s traits may be amped up, so emotions will be […]

Astrology: Gemini Moon- Active Weekend!

| April 16, 2010

Friday April 16 delivered us into the realm of the chatty, quicksilver, variety loving Gemini Moon.  This is a great time for anything to do with words – scrabble, writing – catching up on current events (gossiping?), traveling, etc. which should all result in having an entertaining weekend. Just don’t get too scattered trying to […]