Moon for the Holidays!

| November 25, 2013

Most of us will have an early weekend start due to the Holiday. Below is a heads up about where the Lunar orb will be and what influences we may experience as we celebrate: Thanksgiving / Hanukkah (begins Wednesday at sundown)  Moon is in relationship central Libra, so whether you will celebrate either/or (both?), this […]

A Weekend of Charm – Libra Moon!

| September 6, 2013

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, the Moon graces relationship focused Air sign Libra. So don’t be surprised if the soundtrack that runs thru your head occasionally includes, “can’t we all just get along?”. Balance, seeing “both sides” of a situation, brokering deals (personal or business) are a part of the Libra charm machine. It helps improve […]

Where’s the Moon This Weekend?

| December 6, 2012

Friday and Saturday, it will be in charming Libra. Sunday afternoon, thru Tuesday, we’ve got intense Scorpio. Air sign Libra and Water sign Scorpio are very different in their influences on us, however, squeeze the positive out of each, even though the “tone” of the day will change. Variety can be a good thing. Social, […]

Astrology: Weekend Mixed Messages – Moon in Libra, Then Scorpio

| June 9, 2011

The Friday June 10th Libra Moon starts the weekend off on an artistic, relationship focused, harmony loving note. (Persuade someone to your side? Find a compromise?) This Air sign fosters good feelings, people activities, beauty and creativity. Smile and enjoy it. On Saturday evening, the Moon will move into intense, moody Scorpio (8:33PM Eastern/ 5:33PM […]

Astrology: Moon in Libra 5/13/11 * Charm Rules the Weekend!

| May 12, 2011

Friday the 13th – What me worry?? Nope – no “triskaidekaphobia” here! It will be a beautiful day filled with charm and beauty. Especially once the Lunar orb arrives in the social, partnership focused Air sign of Libra. This Venus ruled sign urges us to cooperate, find balance, seek out pretty things, partake of good […]

Astrology: Libra Moon Great for Holiday Monday!

| February 21, 2011

Monday February 21, is not only the start of our week, but it’s also Presidents Day. Regardless of whether you have the 3 day weekend, or it’s just another work day for you, the Libra Moon, even though at the end of its 2 day stay, still gives us the inclination to meet and greet, […]

Astrology:Friday the 13th, But Still a Libra Moon Weekend!

| August 12, 2010

On Friday 8/13, the Moon is in the balanced Air sign of Libra. Those 2 Yin/Yang planets, Venus and Mars, are also visiting this sign of partnerships. Couples of all kinds (business? romantic?) should be cloaked in a spirit of cooperation – a “can’t we all just get along?”  sort of spirit. With this 7th […]

Astrology: The Moon – Virgo Friday / Libra Saturday

| May 20, 2010

Most people love a 4 day week, so, I like to begin my Moon sign information on Fridays as a start to the weekend. On Friday 5/21, the Moon will be finishing up its stay in the industrious work and detail sign of Virgo (good way to finish all the odds and ends of the […]