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Weekend Moon: Full in Cancer, Bright in Leo

Astro Moon FullThe Full Moon in the nurturing, sensitive Water sign of Cancer, on Friday December 28th, intensifies and highlights its natural traits: taking care of people, feelings and emotions being close to the surface, having your moods run you. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your stuff. Just as a “New” Moon is best for beginning projects- starting something new, implementation of ideas – the “Full” phase (Moon opposes the Sun in the sky, as it “wanes” on its way to the 3rd and 4th quarters) is optimum for the finalization of jobs pending, deals to be done. Clearing as much as possible off your plate before 2013 arrives can only be a good thing, right? Might alleviate any perceived pressures.

Late Saturday evening, the Moon shifts into upbeat, colorful, dramatic Leo, (however, the “Full” energy remains for approximately 10 days). The weekend could be full of fun, some showing off and lots of generosity of spirit. Fire sign Leo is ruled by the Sun so a pull towards theatrics always exists – just remember that it’s not all about you (or maybe it is!).

12/28/12 – Full Moon in Cancer at 5:21 AM Eastern/ 2:21 AM Pacific

And, have a super weekend!


Astrology: Weekend Moon in “Look At Me !” Leo 9/23

The Moon is in dramatic (great actors), attention seeking, generous, creative and full of a lion’s pride Leo on Friday and Saturday. This fun loving Fire sign may make our weekend full of melodrama, but we will be active, upbeat, and magnanimous, which can make for a really good time.

Next up is a conscientious, ready to tackle the details Virgo Moon. It’s all good – we can deal with the change to this practical, service oriented Earth sign and the mood switch may give us an inclination to clean up all the sequins and glitter left over from Leo’s antics.

Have a super weekend!


Astrology: Vibrant Leo Moon Flows into Calm Virgo New Moon

This weekend will be one of mixed energies – a theatrical Fire Sign Leo Moon on Friday and Saturday transits into grounded, practical Virgo territory on Sunday.  Don’t be overwhelmed with the drama, largesse, some showing off and lots of regal generosity of spirit while in the throes of a Leo Moon. It will settle down. 

As of the 23rd, the Sun is in Virgo and this Sunday’s New Moon, 8/28, will be in the same Earth sign. Like all “New” Moon phases, the next 2 weeks that follow will be a great time for initiating, beginning, creating, etc. With this Mercury ruled 6th sign of the Zodiac, most of the “starting something” will do with work, health and service.

BTW – Mercury is Retrograde, in Leo, until Friday afternoon 8/26 – The planet’s motion will stop and go Direct.  As it goes forward, it will reach Virgo on 9/9. If you can wait until then for all your new adventures, the universe will be in full throttle support. Virgo’s organization, pragmatism, work ethic will pop with all the oomph of the usual New Moon energy.  Don’t spend too much time being critical and you can really get something done! (Focus on what matters to you.)

Have the awesome weekend you deserve!


Astrology: A Nurturing, Royal Weekend – Moon in Cancer & Leo 6/3/11

Early on Friday June 3rd, the Moon floats into Cancer  – the Water sign it rules. There will be sensitivity and emotion, but also the possibility of good home cooking. (Not a bad mix.) Downplay any moodiness and let Cancer’s kind, mothering instincts invite those you are fond of to share the healthy and tasty things in the fridge. All this sharingness will last until late Saturday night.

Just in time for Sunday brunch, the Moon takes a regal bow in Fire sign Leo (always a time for theatrics and fun). This sign is ruled by the Sun, so dress up. Take advantage of all those golden “royal” feelings and show off a little.  Be noticed, attention will be paid. You deserve it. Spread around the other Leo good stuff  too, like generosity and creativity – have a good time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Moon into Cancer 6/3/11 – 4:36AM Eastern/ 1:36AM Pacific

Moon into Leo 6/5/11 – 11:03AM Eastern / 8:03AM Pacific

Astrology: Christmas Weekend Moon in Leo and Virgo

Christmas Eve, Friday December 24, goes into Ho, Ho, Ho mode with a fun loving, generous Leo Moon. All those” best of the season”, “joy to the world” feelings surround us. Lots of red and gold for the “look at me” Leo mood.

The Virgo Moon on Christmas Day supports quiet, behind the scenes “secret Santa” caring and service. Surprise someone with a visit or a phone call. (This Earth sign’s focus on details should make Volunteer plans go well– mission accomplished.)

Have a great weekend. Jingle, Jingle.

Merry Christmas!

Astrology: Weekend Moon in Leo Friday Night 10/29/10

Friday night we are treated to a Leo Moon and all its goodies. The weekend can be full of fun, largesse, a little bit of showing off and lots of regal generosity of spirit.

This Fire sign is ruled by the Sun so a need for theatrics can rule – just remember that it’s not all about you.

A Virgo Sunday night Moon sets us up for work on Monday – practical, conscientious and ready to tackle the details.  All good.

Have a great weekend!

Astrology: Virgo Moon Weekend- Get To Work!

Moon change:  we go from the sunny, “I” oriented Leo of the last few days into the dutiful, service, work oriented Virgo on Friday April 23.

Well, it may not be party time, but, we can be useful, focused and get lots accomplished.  Your mind will be sharp and no detail will be missed- which is a good thing since Mercury is Retrograde and all plans, communications, etc. should be checked twice anyway.

Just try not to be too fussy or critical- after all, it is the weekend:)