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Take Charge Capricorn Moon!

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lFriday evening, August 16,2013 begins a serious, organized, focused weekend experience while under the influence of the Capricorn Moon. It will last until Sunday evening. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries and life lessons (not always fun, but can be maturing), see the Moon transit as an opportunity to show your stuff. Use the authoritarian energy associated with this 10th sign of the Zodiac to accomplish, complete and be the boss.

Being ambitious is not a negative. Like everything else, it depends on how it’s handled. Assign tasks, give directions, move with confidence and purpose. Don’t forget to say “thank you”.  

Have a powerful weekend!



Weekend Moon:Capricorn & Aquarius – Contribute

The Moon visits Capricorn on Friday and Saturday, then it moves into Aquarius on Sunday. Utilize wherever/whenever possible the energy of the particular sign the Lunar orb is in:

*Reliable, Saturn ruled Capricorn: Authority, ambition, organization

*Spontaneous, Uranus ruled Aquarius: Friendly, innovative, thrives in groups with a cause

This weekend, our Lunar mood influences will range from the business focused Earth sign to the people focused Air sign – work hard, be in charge and then rally volunteers for a neighborhood project? We can be flexible. Make a difference!

Earthy Capricorn and Airy Aquarius – make it work. Have a terrific weekend!


To Be A VIP – Full Moon in Capricorn 7/3/12

On Tuesday, the Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is lit up with reflected light in its opposite sign, Capricorn– it’s all about status, authority and work. Saturn ruled Capricorn has ambitious yearnings. The agenda involves managing career, creating success (whatever that means to you) and reaching a pinnacle. Are your business strategies, actions producing results? A Full Moon in Earthy, grounded Capricorn is a good time to think about it.

However, remember that if there are any radical changes that need to be handled, wait until the Moon Phase is “New” on July 18 Pacific /July 19th Eastern. (A New Moon works well for start ups.)


Capricorn and Aquarius – What a Weekend Moon Combo!

Moon in Capricorn on Friday, March 16, 2012 – Moon in Aquarius on Saturday and Sunday. Our Lunar mood influences will range from the business focused Earth sign to the people person Air sign – work hard, be in charge on Friday and attend a community fund raiser, charm volunteers for a neighborhood project for the rest of the weekend? It’s doable!

However, just remember to utilize, wherever possible, the energy of the particular sign the Lunar orb is visiting on a particular day:

*Dutiful, Saturn ruled Capricorn: Authority, ambition, organization

*Spontaneous, Uranus ruled Aquarius: Friendly, innovative, thrives in groups with a cause

Whichever way you roll, use your best stuff and enjoy the weekend!


Varied Weekend Moon: Bossy Cap / Irreverent Aquarius

The Moon visits the ambitious, status concerned Earth sign of Capricorn on Friday February 17, 2012.  Ruled by Saturn, a Capricorn Moon can be a time of business focused, deliberate movement. It brings out the “administrator” in us – a perfect time to organize, assign tasks, give directions, take charge, move with purpose.

Early Sunday we go from duty bound stoic to friendly rebel – the unpredictable, freedom loving Air sign Aquarius. While under this Uranus ruled sign’s influence, we are in the mood to do something inventive and spontaneous usually with a group. Rally the troops for a favorite cause – they will bow to your command -maybe not quite, but they should be more agreeable than usual. Sort of like those fish (pike?) that don’t wait to be caught, they just jump into your boat. I personally feel that people want to be useful, to make a difference. This is the perfect weekend to herd  a team in the right direction.

Earthy Capricorn and Airy Aquarius – make it work. Have a terrific weekend!


Moon in Sag and Cap for the Weekend 10/28/11

Perk up on Friday morning, 10/28/11 with the Sagittarius Moon. Perfect timing – we will bounce off that Fire sign energy until Sunday and be in the mood to find that perfect Halloween costume, take a short trip, spread a little cheer and have a deep and philosophical conversation about something (an often forgotten Sag trait). Be ready for it all.

On Sunday, the Capricorn Moon turns our thoughts to our ambitions, status, financial stability, etc. This business focused Earth sign wants us to do just that – take care of business. We can do that. OK!

Get your “Boo” on and have a great weekend!



Astrology: Weekend Moon – Steady Capricorn and Rebel Aquarius, Mmmm

Friday June 17th- it’s a work focused Capricorn Moon all day.  Following the rules, taking a serious approach to the business at hand can all be part of this Earth sign’s M.O.– but,  it’s still the start of the weekend. Be nice to your employees, loosen up, smile. They will love you even more if you let them work ½ a day 😎  

Early Saturday, the Aquarian Moon takes over until Monday morning. Air sign Aquarius has a stubborn streak (it is one of three “Fixed” signs of the Zodiac, along with Taurus and Scorpio) and is ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus. It’s all about independence, the need to break free of routine. Prepare for the unexpected, the unconventional and/or sudden changes of direction. Perhaps “prepare” is not the right word? Just be flexible and ready.  Relax, go with the flow. Could be fun.

Have a super weekend and Happy Father’s Day !!

Astrology: Moon in Capricorn & Aquarius – A People Weekend!

The Earthy Capricorn Moon is perfect for wrapping up business projects on Friday and Saturday. You’ll be in a responsible, take charge mode so that tasks get done, work gets delegated. Ruled by serious planet Saturn, use the ambitious, capable energy of this 10th sign of the Zodiac well.

The rhythm changes on Saturday evening, May 21, 10:32Pm Eastern / 7:32Pm Pacific, with the moon’s slide into the caring, group focused, unpredictable, Uranus ruled, Air sign of Aquarius. Volunteer, organize a community, find a cause, share yourself. You can still do some good and have fun.

BTW: On the same day, the Sun bounces into another Air sign, Mercury ruled Gemini. Expect the weekend to be a bit peppier than the previous few days.  Call, tweet, chat up your friends – communication is everything.

Have a marvelous weekend!

Astrology: Weekend Moon – Capricorn, Then Aquarius, Variety!

Early Friday April 22 gives us a business focused, responsible Capricorn Moon. The urge to be in charge, the urge to get things accomplished, the urge to work hard – all with the deliberate movement of this Earth sign.

An Aquarius Moon on Sunday ends the weekend on an unpredictable, but upbeat note. This Air sign is into group activities, volunteering, service to and/or organizing others. Contribution is always a good thing – gives a great start to the week ahead.

If you can, use the energy of the Zodiac sign the Moon is visiting on a particular  day:

Saturn ruled Earthy Capricorn – Authority, ambition, organized

Uranus ruled Airy Aquarius – Friendly, innovative, comfortable in groups with a cause

Regardless, deliver your best self as always, have a super weekend!

BTW- Mercury finally goes Direct on 4/23. This forward motion for the communication planet, after the 3 week Retrograde situation, may show up with solutions for stalled projects, the unlocking of writer’s blocks, a miraculous self repair for computers, smart phones, etc? Ah, life is smooth again! (Well, as much as it can be)

Astrology: Weekend Moon – Capricorn and Aquarius

With Mercury now going forward in the work and service sign of Virgo, Friday 9/17 is the perfect day to use the Earthy Capricorn Moon and its business focused energy.  It brings out the “boss” in us – a perfect time to assign tasks, give directions, take charge, act on those plans set aside during the Retrograde period.

From duty bound stoic to irreverent rebel – Saturday and Sunday 9/18 and 9/19 will be under the vibe of the unpredictable, freedom loving Air sign of Aquarius.  An Aquarius Moon can put you in the mood to do something unplanned, spontaneous.  No restrictions.  (Hmmm.  OK, but always in moderation.)