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Charm Filled Weekend – Libra Moon!

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lOn the 1st weekend of September 2016, 9/3 & 9/4, the Moon will charm and class us up while in lovely Libra, the 7th sign of the Zodiac. This Air sign, ruled by elegant, romantic, beautifying Venus, is relationship focused – business and romantic. Amiable Libra seeks balance, harmony and cooperation while urging us to express our artistic talent, share ourselves with people and just generally expect and accept good times.

This can be lovely weekend. Enjoy!



Lovely, Lively Libra Moon This Weekend!

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lSaturday’s Libra Moon, February 7, 2015, could be the start of a weekend full of relationship possibilities – personal or business. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by the romantic, beautifying planet Venus. With the “scale of justice” as its Astrology symbol, no surprise that cooperation and harmony are important. (Persuade someone over to your point-of-view? Find a compromise?)

Air sign Libra also fosters artistic expression, creativity, wanting to be with people and just generally expecting, and accepting, good times.

Be charming, be social – make it a beautiful weekend!



Leo and Virgo = Mixed Moon Moods for the Weekend 9/19/14

Upbeat and dramatic, Friday and Saturday’s animated Leo Moon can be a fun kickoff to the weekend. This Fire sign always sends us into attention getting activities, which can often lead to melodrama. Relax, its not all about you, share the spot;ight. Be creative, kind and generous in spirit, have a good time. Astro moon-waning-crescent-l

Sunday changes our energy when the Moon travels into Earthy Virgo. Its traits of practicality and responsibility will give focus to doing what is needed. Take care of loose ends, pay attention to the details, handle your business – accomplishment is exciting and makes you feel proud  😀

Go with the flow. Make it a weekend to remember!

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From Mercury Retrograde Fog To Fun July 4th Weekend!

Astro New Moon CrescentFinally, finally, Mercury stops its Retrograde motion as of July 1, 2014 and goes Direct. Don’t get sloppy now and forget to check the details, back up electronic gadgets or assume you know “the way to San Jose” without a map. It will take a few days for Mercury’s winged feet to get up to forward speed and dispel any murkiness we’ve had to deal with for the last 3 weeks. So, continue vigilance and watch out for any snafus. However, by the weekend, things are clearer and the pace quickens. There is great potential for any social occasion that might pop up – the Moon moves into Venus ruled, charming, flirtatious Libra early Friday morning July 4th.

The 7th sign of the Zodiac, Air sign Libra, inclines us towards cooperation with partners – searching for balance, fairness and calm.Others feel good around you. Pretty up yourself and your surroundings, get with people, spread cheer – invite a few folks to watch fireworks (and / or cocktails)?

Smile, flutter those eyelashes and enjoy it.  fireworks



Moon in Lovely Libra 8/10/13

Astro New Moon CrescentThe Moon will be in the balanced, genial Air sign of Libra on Saturday and Sunday. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by lovely, romantic planet Venus, urges us to create, beautify, socialize, and surround ourselves with pretty things.

Partnership and relationship focused, both business and romantic, charming Libra seeks harmony with others and harmony within the home. These are good things! Others can feel good around you. Get with people, spread cheer – invite a few folks to Sunday brunch (and / or cocktails)? 

Have a sweet weekend!

Love & Luxe: Libra Moon Weekend

The Moon will be in the charming, genial Air sign of Libra on Saturday and Sunday, November 10th and 11th. It’s all about relationships. Couples of all kinds (business? romantic?) should be cloaked in a spirit of cooperation and finding balance – a “can’t we all just get along?” sort of spirit.

The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by lovely, romantic planet Venus, urges us to create, beautify, socialize, seek out pretty things, partake of good food. Think harmony and general deliciousness. All the components to make a great weekend possible.




Weekend Moon: Libra Charm, Scorpio Focus

The Moon will do a social dance into the gracious Air sign Libra early Friday afternoon February 10, 2012.  The weekend will be all about partnerships/ relationships because the 7th sign of the Zodiac fosters not only beauty and creativity, due to the influence of its planet ruler Venus, but also seeks a natural balance in the universe – harmony with people and harmony in the home. There is a lot to be said for using beautiful things and peaceful surroundings to lift spirits and ease the settling of any disputes. Charm is NOT a weakness.

By Sunday afternoon the mood changes as the Moon slides into serious, sensual, secretive, stubborn, Scorpio (I ran out of “s”s). Ruled by powerful Pluto, this Water sign’s focus and determination can lead to uncovering mysteries, peeling back layers, etc. Deep.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Astrology: A People Friendly Libra Moon Weekend

Friday morning 7/16, the Moon does a social dance into partnership prone, harmony loving, artistic Libra.

The 7th sign of the Zodiac fosters good feelings, people activities, beauty and creativity. Seeking harmony with others and harmony for the home are all traits of the Libra vibe. These are good things! Invite a few folks to lunch?

By Sunday 7/18, the Moon will slide into serious, secretive, stubborn, Scorpio – intense (I ran out of “S”s). Use all that heat and power to your advantage. Be aware of the tendency to be easily wounded – hold the grudge for 5 minutes max, then move on.  By the time the perky Sagittarius Moon bounces in on Monday, you will have forgotten the drama anyway.