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Weekend Moon: Gemini & Cancer!

Astro New Moon CrescentStart your weekend early on Friday March 7, 2014. A Mercury ruled Gemini Moon can make us chatty and social. We will be compelled to communicate – some way, somehow, it can be fun for us and/or just busy – or both. With dual faceted Air sign Gemini, variety rules. 

In time for Sunday brunch, the Lunar orb moves into the Water sign it rules – Cancer. Be prepared to dial it back a bit. The 4th sign of the Zodiac, sensitive, often moody and emotional, is about protecting and nurturing. Making sure friends, family and strays are well fed. (It might be calming after all the Gemini twitting, emailing and FBing.)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Gemini Moon – Saturday & Sunday

Saturday and Sunday will have us talking more, writing more, interacting more due to the Moon’s transit of the 3rd sign of the Zodiac – Gemini.  Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, sharp and clever Gemini will not only entertain, but also analyze and discriminate. Even though Mercury just went Retrograde, we will still have a compulsion to share our verbal and/or writing talents. Dial back on the sarcasm and testy wit, be charming and ready for anything new and different.

Have a discovery weekend!

BTW: I ignore any freaky Friday the 13th conversations. Can’t really jump on the “Triskaidekaphobia” bandwagon, these are usually lucky days for me so that’s what I will anticipate!


Busy Weekend Gemini Moon 11/11/11

Friday afternoon, November 11, 2011 gives us a weekend of this Mercury ruled Air sign’s communication focused energy. As an example of its dual nature,  a set of twins is the usual symbol for Gemini.  So, we can interpret that as a chance to manage two things at once successfully – scrabble and crossword, chat and charm, read and write. Just remember to breathe – everything doesn’t have to happen at warp speed.

Try to hold off on the gossip, it can come back to bite you. If the temptation for verbal mischief is too great, see a movie, take a class. Instead of snark, be clever, be smart, be entertaining – with a Gemini Moon, the options are endless !

11/11/11 is Veterans Day. Remember to thank them all.