Chatty, Snappy Gemini Moon Weekend 10/11/14

| October 9, 2014

The Moon will be in multi tasking Gemini on Saturday and Sunday. Ruled by flexible Mercury, the weekend will probably be all about communication of some kind. Twins, think Castor/Pollux, are the usual symbol for Gemini and its dual nature makes it a great time to do two things at once- scrabble and crossword, chat […]

Weekend Moon: Gemini & Cancer!

| March 6, 2014

Start your weekend early on Friday March 7, 2014. A Mercury ruled Gemini Moon can make us chatty and social. We will be compelled to communicate – some way, somehow, it can be fun for us and/or just busy – or both. With dual faceted Air sign Gemini, variety rules.  In time for Sunday brunch, […]

Gemini Moon – Saturday & Sunday

| July 13, 2012

Saturday and Sunday will have us talking more, writing more, interacting more due to the Moon’s transit of the 3rd sign of the Zodiac – Gemini.  Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communications, sharp and clever Gemini will not only entertain, but also analyze and discriminate. Even though Mercury just went Retrograde, we will still […]

Busy Weekend Gemini Moon 11/11/11

| November 10, 2011

Friday afternoon, November 11, 2011 gives us a weekend of this Mercury ruled Air sign’s communication focused energy. As an example of its dual nature,  a set of twins is the usual symbol for Gemini.  So, we can interpret that as a chance to manage two things at once successfully – scrabble and crossword, chat […]