Aries Full Moon 10/8/14 – Hold On…

| October 5, 2014

This month’s Full Moon, a total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon), is in Fire sign Aries. The 1st sign of the Zodiac is ruled by “Warrior” planet Mars. Combustible, physical and aggressive, this sign’s usual “in your face” traits will be intensified by the power of a “Full” phase and also by unpredictable transiting Uranus.  Even […]

Harvest Full Moon in Pisces 9/8/14!

| September 8, 2014

Get a grip. Monday’s Full Moon in sensitive, emotional Water sign Pisces is wonderful for creativity and connecting with others, but sometimes not so much for staying grounded in what is actually happening. Be as imaginative, caring and compassionate as you wish, just don’t be taken in by any “too good to be true” promises […]

Full Moon in Ambitious Capricorn!

| July 11, 2014

The Moon is in Capricorn today – it’s all about status, authority and work. To make these traits even more intense, the Lunar orb will be “Full” in this Saturn ruled sign on Saturday July 12, 2014. (The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is lit up with reflected light in its opposite sign.) […]

Full Moon AND Friday the 13th – Uh Oh!

| June 11, 2014

Just kidding   Regardless of the stories about full Moons and what they do to us, we won’t necessarily grow fangs or act out. The Sagittarius Moon will be fully lit by the Sun in the opposite sign Gemini – very dramatic, but nothing to fear. And “Triskaidekaphobia” is just that, a “phobia”. The exact […]

Scorpio Full Moon – Go Passionate, Go Deep!

| May 11, 2014

Things might get a little intense on Wednesday May 14, 2014. Scorpio, a passionate water sign, can be emotional and sensitive and the force of a Full Moon can distill all that power into a cauldron of “feelings”.  All that energy can go off the charts. Tuck in all exposed nerves. Don’t take everything personally. […]

Orange Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse – Libra!

| April 14, 2014

Overnight, April 14/15, 2014, a beautiful copper colored, Full Moon will be viewable in some parts of the world. Since it occurs in Venus ruled, Air sign Libra, we will be inclined toward cooperation with our partners – searching for balance, fairness and calm. All of that, while being super social, beautifying both ourselves and […]

Full Moon in Leo, Then Virgo Moon Weekend!

| February 14, 2014

Champagne, chocolates, feathers, sequins, dramatic declarations all work well, regardless of partner, with the attention seeking 5th sign of the Zodiac. For Valentine’s Day, Friday February 14, 2014 the Moon will be on “Full” power in generous, ”let’s have fun” Fire sign Leo. Enjoy it all, but also note that a “Full” phase is good […]

Get Ready For Full Moon in Cancer!

| January 12, 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014, finds us with a Full Moon in the nurturing, sensitive Water sign of Cancer at 11:52 PM EST/ 8:52 PM PST. So, as a “New” Moon is best for beginning projects- starting something new, implementation of ideas – the “Full” phase (Moon opposes the Sun in the sky, as it  “wanes” […]

Full Moon in Gemini – Communication Works!

| December 15, 2013

Early Tuesday December 17, 2013 a Full Moon will occur. The Luminaries are opposite each other: the Sagittarius Sun in the last stages and the Moon in its partner sign of Gemini. While the Moon is in the versatile 3rd sign of the Zodiac, communication, flexibility and curiosity traits are intensified. Clear, meaningful verbal / […]

Taurus Full Moon This Weekend 11/17/13

| November 14, 2013

Weekend Moon in Taurus starts Friday November 15, 2013 and this Venus ruled Earth sign’s power will be intensified during the it’s Full Moon phase early Sunday morning.  As always with a “Full”, it is a good time to finish what you’ve started. With the grounded Taurus’ focus on security and the sensual, it makes sense […]