Time To Get Real – Full Moon in Capricorn 7/1/15!

| June 29, 2015

On Wednesday July 1, the Sun is in Cancer, the Lunar orb is lit up in the opposite sign, Capricorn– it’s that Full Moon time again! This matters to us why? Contrary to popular folklore, a round Moon is not a time for werewolf/Vampire reveals, but it is a good time to tap into its […]

New Moon in Capricorn 12/21/14 – Set goals!

| December 18, 2014

The same day the Sun moves into Capricorn, December 21, 2014, there will be the monthly New Moon in the same Earth sign. This Sunday, Capricorn traits will be highlighted – work, ambition, persistence. “New” energy can give us the push to start the year with plans to accomplish goals, advance a career, make space […]

Winter Solstice / Capricorn Sun – Together Again on 12/21/14!

| December 15, 2014

The Capricorn Sun on Sunday December 21, 2014, is the official start of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and is the shortest day of the year. This Earth sign, ruled by stern Saturn, believes in duty, responsibility, and loves being in charge. Regardless of our actual birth date, we may all feel the influences of […]

Full Moon in Ambitious Capricorn!

| July 11, 2014

The Moon is in Capricorn today – it’s all about status, authority and work. To make these traits even more intense, the Lunar orb will be “Full” in this Saturn ruled sign on Saturday July 12, 2014. (The Sun is in Cancer and the Moon is lit up with reflected light in its opposite sign.) […]

Take Charge Capricorn Moon This Weekend

| May 16, 2014

On Saturday and Sunday, May 17 & 18, 2014, we will be in the serious embrace of a Capricorn Moon. The 10th sign of the Zodiac has ambitious yearnings. The agenda involves managing career, creating success (whatever that means to you) and striving for the pinnacle. Are your business strategies, actions producing the results you […]

New Moon * New Year

| December 30, 2013

An ambitious, financial security focused Capricorn New Moon helps us greet the New Year on Wednesday, January 1, 2014.  After a few choruses of Auld Lang Syne and a couple of glasses of bubbly, whether it be champagne or ginger ale, New Moon energy can give us the push to start the year with plans […]

Friday the 13th & Moon Mixed Energy Weekend

| September 12, 2013

Moon in Capricorn on Friday, September 13, 2013 – Moon in Aquarius early on Sunday morning, September 15, 2013 -hmmmm. Work hard, go over the budget, be in charge on Friday/Saturday. Attend a community fund raiser, corral volunteers for a neighborhood project and / or go out to picket on Sunday? Whichever you decide to […]

Sagittarius Moon / Capricorn Moon – Possibilities!

| July 18, 2013

Time to perk up! On Friday July 19, 2013, the Moon is in optimistic, jovial Sagittarius. Lucky Jupiter rules this Fire sign so the possibilities of gathering up good things is endless. Take a short trip, spread a little cheer, get out and about, see people, create an adventure – fun. On Saturday morning the […]

Sagittarius and Capricorn for the Weekend!

| June 21, 2013

Friday June 21, 2013, starts off the weekend with a Sagittarius Moon. The possibilities for adventure are endless. Take a short trip, spread a little cheer or have a deep and philosophical conversation about something (an often forgotten Sag trait). An atmospheric change comes along on early Sunday, with the arrival of a Capricorn Full […]

New Moon in Capricorn, Weekend in Aquarius

| January 10, 2013

The first New Moon of 2013 happens on Friday January 11h. The Lunar Orb is in ambitious, career minded Earth Sign Capricorn – a great way to start the year when you want to devise goals and plans for a status upgrade – strategize! Like all New Moons, it always occurs in the same sign […]