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Sun in Charming Libra – Fall is Here!

astrology_chartwheel 2The Autumn Equinox arrives the same day as the Sun glides into Libra on Monday September 22, 2014. Relationships of all types are now in the forefront for the next few weeks – family, friends, marriages, business partners. It’s fun to be with people, to chat, flirt, cajole. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Venus, seeks cooperation, genial negotiations in both business and personal relationships.

Mercury, Communication planet ruler of chatty Gemini and analytical Virgo in Air sign Libra since 9/2/14, will remain until 9/28/14. It will return again on 10/11/14, until 10/25/14, while Mercury goes into its Retrograde period. (The backward motion will actually begin on 10/5/14 in Scorpio.) It should make for some clever, smart dinner conversation.

The Libra way is to see both sides of an issue before making decisions. However, seeking harmony by trying to be “fair” can sometimes lead to appearing indecisive. Or, using the “Pros/Cons” list method for making decisions can just strings the selection process out. Be aware that important action can be stalled by over think. Paying attention to instinct and being honest will give a more direct line to a choice. Don’t hesitate to show your spine when needed (some may be surprised when the Libra inner tensile strength is revealed), you’ll still be loved!

As always, your experience of the Sun in a particular sign depends most upon where it appears in your chart, but a Libra Sun does set a mood to benefit us all. Edges can be smoothed off of some contentious interactions, they may soften and even be resolved. Libra wants to cast a glow of congeniality. It’s all about balance, socializing, networking, getting along.

*Libra Sun / Fall Equinox 9/22/14 – 10:29 PM Eastern / 7:29 PM Pacific

Gemstone: Aventurine * Power colors: Blues and violets * Body Part: Kidneys

(BTW: The Scale is Libra’s Astrology symbol. All other Zodiac signs are either people or animals.)

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Independent, Unconventional Aquarius Full Moon This Weekend!

Astro Moon FullThis weekend, we will be under the influences of an Aquarius Moon and it will be in its “Full” phase on Sunday August 10, 2014. Be prepared for the unexpected, the (nice?) surprise. This Air sign can be rebellious and unpredictable as it spurs us to become involved with community, special groups and their causes. Relax, go with the flow. Contribute to the universe in some way, make a difference. Be part of a team.

As always, use the Full Moon energy to complete, tie up loose ends on any outstanding projects. In the next 10 days, try to finish anything begun around the time of the New Moon July 26, 2014

Have a purposeful, fun weekend!

Aquarius Sun – A Walk On The Wild Side!

astrology_chartwheel 2The Sun enters unpredictable, independent Aquarius on Sunday January 19, 2014 – but not necessarily wild and crazy. It doesn’t have to be outrageous and out of the box, however, we can be original, inventive and sometimes revolutionary when under the influence of the Airy, 11th sign of the Zodiac. Don’t be surprised, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and unexpected events. We can all tap into these vibrations regardless of our personal Sun sign.

Aquarians tend to be more intellectual than emotional, with a concern for others that is authentic and matter of fact. A stubborn, people oriented sign, they care, they are involved and they can be pretty determined to find resolutions to issues that touch them. All about team, caring about neighbors and the community is the Aquarian way of being. We may feel an urge to join a rally, march and protest for any cause deemed to be just.

Freedom loving Aquarians are great to have around. Taking risks, being on the edge, or ledge – sounds intense, but it’s done with humor. If you’re going to spend time enrolling people into saving the world, you might as well have fun doing it.

Sun into Aquarius January 19, 2014 = 10:51 PM EST / 7:51 PM PST

*Gemstone: Blue Tiger’s Eye *Power color: Ultramarine blue * Body Part: Ankles

BTW: don’t get confused – even though the Astrology symbol is the “Water Bearer”, Aquarius is an Air sign!


A Weekend of Charm – Libra Moon!

Astro New Moon CrescentFriday, Saturday & Sunday, the Moon graces relationship focused Air sign Libra. So don’t be surprised if the soundtrack that runs thru your head occasionally includes, “can’t we all just get along?”. Balance, seeing “both sides” of a situation, brokering deals (personal or business) are a part of the Libra charm machine. It helps improve and clarify partnerships wherever needed.

The 7th sign of the Zodiac, is ruled by the romantic, beautifying planet Venus. Besides cooperation, we are urged to express any artistic talent, share ourselves with people and just generally expect and accept good times.

This can be another lovely weekend. Enjoy!

Time For The Aquarius Sun * 1/19/13

astrology_chartwheel 2The Sun freedom walks its way into the independent, people oriented, humanitarian, 11th sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius. An Air sign ruled by unpredictable, unconventional, Uranus, we may feel an urge to join a rally, march and protest for any cause deemed to be just. It’s all about “We/Us” rather than “I/Me”.  Caring about neighbors and the community, being involved and determined to find resolutions to issues that touch them is the Aquarian way of being. We can all tap into these vibrations regardless of our personal Sun sign.

Aggressive, high energy, warrior planet Mars has been in Aquarius since 12/26/12 and leaves on 2/2/13. As it transits, power is lent to the group focused traits of this sign – volunteering, organizing, disseminating helpful information- we can aim to leave a place better than we found it. Not a bad goal.

Mercury slips into innovative Aquarius on the same day that the Sun does and stimulates all forms of communication until February 5, 2013. Write down any clever and original ideas percolating to the surface and share with the group. However, with Mars so close by, be careful of any strident, angry language.

Sun into Aquarius January 19, 2013 = 4:52PM EST / 1:52 PM PST

*Gemstone: Blue Tiger’s Eye *Power color: Ultramarine blue * Body Part: Legs

BTW: don’t get confused – even though the Astrology symbol is the “Water Bearer”, Aquarius is an Air sign!


Moon in Libra, Then Scorpio – Mixed Weekend

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lThe 1st Friday of 2013, January 4th, gives us a Libra Moon so that we start the weekend off on an artistic, relationship focused, harmony loving note. Persuade someone over to your point-of-view? Find a compromise? This Air sign fosters good feelings, people activities, beauty and creativity. Smile and enjoy it.

Saturday evening, the Moon will move into serious, secretive, stubborn Scorpio. This Water sign will have us “feel” things. Emotions can be dramatic and intense. No patience for the superficial – “real” conversations, one-on-one connections are demanded, drilling down to reveal the hidden is not unusual. (Going deep has its advantages.)

We can be flexible, go with the flow – we can have a great weekend!


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New Moon in Lovely Libra – Start it Up!

Another New Moon phase happens early on Monday October 15, 2012. This month, the Lunar orb is “New” in Air sign Libra. When the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign, there is support for innovation, fresh starts, a great time for beginnings. 

Libra’s social traits are intensified and “New” can mean new friends, relationships, partners, contracts, ideas.Find a new BFF, risk a blind date, speed network during a business card exchange party? Pick one. Regardless of what you choose, there will be interaction – it’s up to you just how much charm and cooperation will be spread around This dynamic energy lasts about 10 days and as the Moon transits the other signs, different areas of life will be primed for a “start-up”. Go for it!

FYI – Sun has been in Libra, 7th sign of the Zodiac, since 9/22/12.

Great Weekend = Gemini Moon, Cancer Moon

Start the weekend on Friday September 7th and experience 2 days of a variety loving Gemini Moon. Ruled by the planet Mercury, we will be compelled to communicate – some way, somehow. This versatile Air sign may mean leisurely networking, or active socializing, it can be fun for us and/or just busy – or both. With dual faceted Gemini, the need for flexibility rules. 

In time for Sunday brunch, the Lunar orb moves into it’s sign ruler – watery Cancer. Be prepared to dial it back a bit. The 4th sign of the Zodiac, sensitive, often moody and emotional,  is about protecting and nurturing. (It might be calming after all the Gemini twitting, emailing, voice mailing and FBing of the previous few days 🙂 )



New Moon in Loquacious Gemini 6/19/12

Yes, I could have just used the word “Chatty”, however, Tuesday’s New Moon, with start up, initiating energy, will be in Communication focused Gemini. Since expansive Jupiter is also transiting, it will certainly spur us on to share thoughts, feelings, stories at length regardless of who might want to listen. Short and sweet works best sometimes. And remember, silence is a form of communication too 😉



Earthy Taurus / Airy Gemini – Weekend Moon

Friday June 15, 2012 graces us with a Taurus Moon all day. Venus rules this sensuous yet finance concerned Earth sign. You may choose to either tackle that bank statement or, indulge yourself, and partner, with delicious, chocolate dipped strawberries. Remember, not all things are either/or. “AND” can often work very well too 🙂

With the Sun currently in Gemini, the Saturday night switch to a Moon in the same Air sign will stimulate those traits for which this Mercury ruled sign is known. Its duality (the Twins?) can make us clever and versatile and also a little flighty and distracted. Go and chat someone up, but, think before you speak (or push “send” on that email or text).  

Taurus and Gemini Moons can lead us toward a social weekend: delicious food, entertaining conversation, high or low brow literary pursuits.