Cartier – Rocks Galore!

If you like baubles, bangles and beads, (or, you’re just a rock hound) the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco will excite you with “Cartier and America”.

Cartier legion of honor

“Cartier came to fame as the “King of Jewelers” during the Belle Époque for his beautifully made diamond and platinum jewelry created for the courts of Europe and Americans of the Gilded Age.

An example of the Cartier genius is shown here – “Tutti Frutti” Necklace, 1936 Paris – made with platinum, white gold, sapphires, rubies, diamonds and emeralds. (I think this can be worn today and it would fit right in).

Cartier and America” – until May 16, 2010

Legion of Honor – Lincoln Park
34th Avenue & Clement Street, San Francisco, CA

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