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Varied Weekend Moon: Bossy Cap / Irreverent Aquarius

The Moon visits the ambitious, status concerned Earth sign of Capricorn on Friday February 17, 2012.  Ruled by Saturn, a Capricorn Moon can be a time of business focused, deliberate movement. It brings out the “administrator” in us – a perfect time to organize, assign tasks, give directions, take charge, move with purpose.

Early Sunday we go from duty bound stoic to friendly rebel – the unpredictable, freedom loving Air sign Aquarius. While under this Uranus ruled sign’s influence, we are in the mood to do something inventive and spontaneous usually with a group. Rally the troops for a favorite cause – they will bow to your command -maybe not quite, but they should be more agreeable than usual. Sort of like those fish (pike?) that don’t wait to be caught, they just jump into your boat. I personally feel that people want to be useful, to make a difference. This is the perfect weekend to herd  a team in the right direction.

Earthy Capricorn and Airy Aquarius – make it work. Have a terrific weekend!


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