Astrology: Weekend Moon – Capricorn, Then Aquarius, Variety!

Early Friday April 22 gives us a business focused, responsible Capricorn Moon. The urge to be in charge, the urge to get things accomplished, the urge to work hard – all with the deliberate movement of this Earth sign.

An Aquarius Moon on Sunday ends the weekend on an unpredictable, but upbeat note. This Air sign is into group activities, volunteering, service to and/or organizing others. Contribution is always a good thing – gives a great start to the week ahead.

If you can, use the energy of the Zodiac sign the Moon is visiting on a particular  day:

Saturn ruled Earthy Capricorn – Authority, ambition, organized

Uranus ruled Airy Aquarius – Friendly, innovative, comfortable in groups with a cause

Regardless, deliver your best self as always, have a super weekend!

BTW- Mercury finally goes Direct on 4/23. This forward motion for the communication planet, after the 3 week Retrograde situation, may show up with solutions for stalled projects, the unlocking of writer’s blocks, a miraculous self repair for computers, smart phones, etc? Ah, life is smooth again! (Well, as much as it can be)

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