Astrology: Virgo Full Moon for this Weekend!

The Moon will be in the health and service oriented Earth sign Virgo on Friday March 18th – but wait, there’s more. It’s that time again! The Moon (Virgo) is opposite the Sun (Pisces) – that means “Full Moon” on  Saturday March 19th (2:10PM Eastern / 11:10AM Pacific).

The Full phase’s “handle it”  energy will last for several days. With practical Virgo, it is all about the details, so you will be supported as you complete and finalize whatever you’re working on. Put that diet and exercise regimen in place.

A few hours later, there will be a Lunar shift to Air sign Libra for the rest of the weekend. Be gracious, be charming, socialize – but, you don’t have to agree to everything. Stand your ground if you must. Enjoy the weekend.


Erin go Braugh!

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