Xmas Trees in September!

I love the holidays – the smells, the sounds, the food, the ribbons & boxes, the door stopper fruit cake & all the glittery stuff that comes with the season. (Those little white lights wrapped around shrubs or trees make me smile.) BUT, there are Christmas trees in Costco today – they used to at least wait until October. It is too soon.

I will flood family, friends & neighbors with good wishes, good vibes, happy salutations, etc. Urging all, with the use of phone calls, emails & cards, to be thankful and grateful for what we have.  That’s just some of the many positives of the time of year, but, “Jingles Bells” in WalMart in September is too soon.

The stomach rolling, dancing Santa and the wiggling mounted fish should only be seen in the dead of winter – not in Walgreens in September. It’s too soon.

Surely we can lift our spirits in other ways. We can smile, have positive thoughts, good will toward men and all that good stuff without listening to Burl Ives singing “Have a Jolly, Jolly Christmas” before Halloween. It is too soon.

Please, don’t get me wrong and consider this a complaint, it’s just an observation.  Yes, I know I “observed” this too early Xmas calamity last year and the year before that & I understand my missive will change nothing – but, it clears my air!

I love the holidays, but September is too soon!

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