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Astrology: Here Comes The Libra Sun 9/22/10

The Libra Sun arrives on Wednesday 9/22/10 (11:09 PM EDT / 8:09PM PDT) – bringer of the Autumnal Equinox, master/mistress of partnerships, lover of beautiful things, charmer connecting and fostering relationships, ruled by the lovely Venus. The Scale is this Air sign’s symbol. (BTW: All other Zodiac signs are either people or animals)

Even if it isn’t your Sun or Rising sign, Libra will still cast a glow.  It’s all about socializing, networking, getting along. There will be cooperation! (Great time to ask for a raise? build a group of volunteers?)

With the influence of Venus, the good things in life – music, delicious food, beauty are used to warm and lift the spirits. My thought/ suggestion for anything Libran is always:  meet some fun folks for lunch!

Seeking harmony, the Libra way is to see both sides of an issue before making decisions.  This is not a failing or  a weakness – seeking justice can be hard, determined work – however, using the Pros/Cons list method can just string the selection process out. Be aware that important action can be stalled by over think. Paying attention to instinct and being honest will give a more direct line to a choice.

Libra – Gemstone: Adventurine * Power colors: Blues and violets

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