Ok, Earthquake…

I guess I am officially a resident of San Francisco. I experienced the “punch” of an earthquake this morning and nonchalantly went back to reading my paper. The building felt like a large person had given a short, quick, left hook to its brick walls. I knew what it was as soon as it happened – but I was cool.

Found out later that it was just a 3.5 – which is why my building didn’t move.  It can do a swaying, hesitation waltz during Mother Nature drama times like these. The few seconds of dancing will start when the quake is nearby and above the 4.5 range. I hate those.

When I had my cat, he would know an earthquake  was coming before it actually hit. Grey would look at me/I would look at him, both of us wide eyed. He would scurry under the couch, I not as smart, would be frozen in place waiting to see if anything cracked or fell.

This morning’s 3.5 and subsequent 2.0 aftershock were just blips.

Just another day in “Bagdad by the Bay”.

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