Astrology: About That Gemini Moon This Weekend…

On Friday June11, the Moon will be in Gemini – it becomes “New” on Saturday the 12th.  The Moon is considered new when the Sun and Moon are in the same Zodiac sign and this time is great for new ideas and implementing new projects.

Air sign Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is considered the communication sign, and that is the area of life that will be enhanced – lots a talk, lots a writing (tweeting?), etc. BTW: Mercury will also be in Gemini at this time until 6/25/10 –  the themes of this “twinner” Sun sign are reinforced!  What can you create out of this?

On Saturday night, the Moon glides into nurturing, family oriented Cancer – remember that even though the Sun sign has changed, the effects of the “new” energy will still show up for approximately 10 days until the end of the 1st quarter.  Perhaps Cancer things, like home/family, will get a boost. (Pick something from your old DIY list to start? New cupcake recipe? Set up new behavior protocol for the kids?)

Regardless of the sign – this weekend is a good time to make plans concrete. All “new” things are highlighted and begging for action to be taken. Start something!

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