Full Moon in Leo (The Stage Is Set, But, It’s Really NOT All About You)

Lights, camera, action! Wednesday’s Moon on January 31, 2018, will not only be “Full”, it will also be Blue* (as in “once in a blue…”) and it will also be Red** (due to  the Lunar Eclipse).  All happening in dramatic, Fire sign Leo – no better way to heat up, perk up a winter hump day! A “Full” phase intensifies the traits of the sign it’s in and with Sun ruled Leo, (its Zodiac symbol is the glorious King of the jungle) we feel generous, creative and get the urge to flame and sparkle while flitting across the world stage. “Look at me!”.

So step into the spotlight, wear some regal purple, be royally magnanimous to your subjects (friends and family) and have a great time. Also, use the Full Moon’s energy to finish projects begun at the time of the last New Moon (1/16/18). Its considered a fortunate time to take care of loose ends and it will last for about 10 days even as the Moon moves into efficient Virgo on Thursday.

Leo Full Moon / Total Lunar Eclipse:  1/31/18 – 8:27 AM EST / 5:27 AM PST

*Since this is the 2nd Full Moon in the same month, it’s called “Blue”

**Red Moon – due to Lunar Eclipse, Moon appears brighter and blood red– orange in color




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