The Final Mercury Retrograde Of 2017!

It is over for 2017, Saturday, 12/2 in the West and Sunday, 12/3 in the East. The last Mercury Retrograde of the year may affect, as always, those particular things in this fleet footed planet’s domain – communication (written, spoken), education, transportation, business, technical gadgets and small appliances. Can we stave off any potential mischief and mayhem that a back pedaling Mercury portends? Maybe not completely, but we can certainly take precautions so that anxiety packed snafus can be avoided (or at least lessened).

With the sluggishness of the Retrograde in Sagittarius, energy may be blunted or optimism scattered. There may be slips of the tongue or pen, Freudian or otherwise. (Read tweets before sending!) Project initiation / creation would be best delayed if possible – if not, be meticulous, be careful. Make sure you’re standing at the correct Bus Stop. We can overcome, we can handle, we can deal – as long as we jump all over the details and “back up” stuff. Stay grounded and pay attention to contract negotiations, deadlines, etc. This planet’s often confusion generating reversal continues until 12/22/17, when it stops motion and goes Direct, still in Sagittarius.

Remember my usual suggestions for Mercury Retrograde – see it as an opportunity to review, reconsider, re-think, revise, re visit discarded ideas. However, note that as we do this, we are not going backwards into the past, we are pro actively making any needed changes, re evaluations for the future – a good thing.

*Mercury Retrograde: Dec 3, 2017 – 2:34 AM EST / Dec 2, 2017 – 11:34 PM PST

** Mercury Retrogrades for 2018:  3/22, 7/25, 11/16

FYI: Mercury just “appears” to go backwards. Planets only move forward, however, due to the earth’s changing speed as it orbits around the Sun, the positions are such that it looks like a reverse motion from earth.



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