Full Moon in Sensitive, Sentimental Pisces, 9/6/17

Get a grip. Wednesday’s Full Moon, 9/6/17, in imaginative, emotional Water sign Pisces is wonderful for creativity and connecting with others, but sometimes not so much for staying grounded in what is actually happening.

Be as caring and compassionate as you wish, just don’t be taken in by any “too good to be true” promises or “poor me” scenarios. Be present, stay in the moment – dismiss any escapist urges. Reality may often bite, but it can be handled without mind altering options. Take care of your inner self. You matter.

When the Moon is “Full”, the Sun is directly opposite and lights it up. Rather than the more familiar crescent shape, we see it round and beautiful. The Lunar orb is “waning” on its way to the 3rd and 4th quarters, making it a good time to finish up old projects, clean up messes that you’ve been procrastinating about for the past few weeks.

Full Moon, September 6, 2017 – 3:03AM EDT / 12:03AM PDT



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