Summertime and the “Livin’ is Easy” * Cancer Sun!

The Sun moving into 4th sign of the Zodiac Cancer, on 6/20 PDT and 6/21 EDT,  also means the arrival of the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. The sensitive, emotional, Moon ruled Water sign may evoke moodiness, but regardless, friends and family will always be an important focus. Your own personal Sun sign might be different, but, you can still take advantage of some of Cancer’s influences.

Don’t let your antennae wilt in the summer heat. Heightened awareness can provide useful information about people, places, things. Feel what you feel, pay attention to your instincts and if feeling a little blue, don’t over indulge hoping that extra scoop of hot fudge or butterscotch on the banana split will make things better. Change the scenery and change the mood. Know what is best for you – with both food and people.

Mars will be visiting Cancer from 6/5 to 7/21/17. Needless to say, the aggressive, straight ahead “Warrior” planet, is not comfortable in non confrontational, side stepping Cancer, but the nurturing impulse could get fierce! Watch grouchiness. If questioned or asked to explain, don’t assume that it’s an attack – people may just want to know more.

Communication planet Mercury transits Cancer from 6/21 until 7/05/17 – don’t be surprised if interactions are more emotionally revealing than usual. That can show up in what you write or speak, especially with family & friends.

As Cancer’s protective and sympathetic “homey” energy reigns, use it – enjoy the love along with the frozen yogurt. Whatever you do, make your Summer as great as you can!

Sun in 1st degree of Cancer = 2017 Summer Solstice:

June 20, 2017, Tues. – 9:24 PM PDT / June 21, Weds. 12.24 AM EDT

*Gemstone – Emerald * Power colors- silver, pale gray (Moon colors) *Body Part – Breasts

Hey! The year is already half over – what are you going to do during the rest of 2017? Still plenty of time to create some great stuff!

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