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Talented & Terrific Taurus Sun – 4/19/17

The Sun moves into sensual, steady, strong, security focused Taurus on Wednesday April 19, 2017. The second sign of the Zodiac has the Bull as its symbol. Perfect! But,it is ruled by the lovely, romantic planet Venus, giving Earth sign Taurus several other dimensions. It can be practical and dependable, but it’s also a lover of beauty, good food and luxury. Loved ones are treated to poetry, music and gourmet restaurants, while getting a lecture on avoiding financial pot holes – nice mix.

The “Bull” is Taurus’ symbol for a reason – stubborn, unwavering in beliefs, holding on after others have dropped the tug rope, etc. (Just remember to “let go” when obstinacy is no longer useful). Don’t miss an opportunity due to an  unwillingness to move and / or shift. Widen vision? Take a chance? Make another step?

Taurus:  *Gemstone: Rose Quartz * Power color: Soft rose-pink* Body Part: Neck

* Sun into Taurus, Wednesday 4/19/17 – 5:27 PM EDT / 2:27 PM PDT

**As always, those most affected have the Sun and/or Rising sign in Taurus, but the rest of us will still feel the stable influences somewhere in our lives depending upon where the Earth sign appears in the birth chart.



Mercury Retrograde 4/9 in Taurus – $$$, Security

The Communication planet has been slowing down for the last few days, you may have noticed some snafu like occurrences lately. It stops and reverses direction on April 9, 2017 until May 3, 2017 when it will go forward again. The planet will retrograde in steady, pleasure loving Earth sign Taurus, the 2nd sign of the Zodiac (security, finances and business). Prepare for it. Living through a Mercury Retrograde isn’t automatically “a DISASTER!”.  

The dicy bits often happen when we need to negotiate deals, sign contacts, repair gadgets, finalize details, etc. Mercury is concerned with information, travel, education, technical gadgets and small appliances – things that help our lives go.

A backwards Mercury often means that things have to be repeated. Whatever you thought was “done” isn’t. Therefore, this is a great time to rethink, reassess, revisit, review, rewrite, etc. It is best not to sign anything for a few weeks until after the planet is in direct motion, however if you must commit, be attentive, be mindful – details, details, details. Verify, double check and confirm. Be clear in your interactions to avoid confusion.

We will get over  😉 The next Mercury Retrograde is on August 12, 2017 in Virgo, another Earth sign.