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Sagittarius Sun 11/21/16 * Think Lucky! Think Large!

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This has been a rocky month so far. We can use a “pick-me-up”. The Sun prances into the adventurous, optimistic Fire sign Sagittarius on Monday November 21, 2016. Ruled by exuberant Jupiter, the king of positive thinking, everything is “huge”- ideas, actions, themes. Remember to pause occasionally and look over the landscape – not only to enjoy the view, but also to realize that some of those “sure things” are not. The “go BIG or go home” routine will not always work to your advantage. Certainly be an “of course” for excellent results, reach for the good things, discover something new, pay attention to your intuition (Sagittarians love a good laugh but they are also deep and love to ponder the universe.) but, just be aware of the edges – over confidence can send you too far. Aim for controlled excess.

Just to make it more interesting, Saturn, planet of discipline and limits, which is quite different to Jupiter‘s goal (expansion on steroids), has been transiting the 9th sign of the Zodiac since last December. Depending on where it appears in your chart, the desire for adventure may be muted, wings may feel clipped, the pace of life seems to slow down. We can still fly, but maybe not so high. Saturn remains in Sagittarius until December 2017.

*Sagittarius Sun – November 21, 2016 – 4:23 PM EST / 1:23 PM PST

*Gem stone: Sodalite * Power color: Lilac, Mauve * Body Part: liver, Hips

BTW: The symbol for Sagittarius is the half man/ half horse Centaur – usually with a wine pouch. Perfect, just in time for a holiday gathering.



Full Moon in Earthy Taurus 11/14/16 – Let it Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow!

astro-full-moon-brightLooking beautiful, feeling stubborn and being material? It might be the vibrations of the Taurus Full Moon on Monday. This is a fixed, finance focused Earth sign guided by the elegant, luxury loving planet Venus. Whatever vibes are out there can all be put to good use. Indulge the sensual side while monitoring investments. Share chocolate covered strawberries with a significant other while tallying the checkbook at the same time. It’s possible  😎

As always with a “Full” Moon, it’s a good time to finish what you’ve started. With the grounded Taurus influence, it makes sense to complete any financial dealings and/or improvements to surroundings – beauty, comfort and safety. What do you value most? Who do you need to be – to do what you want and have what you desire?

*Taurus Full Moon: November 14, 2016  8:52 AM EST / 5:52 AM PST