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Scintillating Scorpio Sun, 10/23/15!

astrology_chartwheel 2Stubborn, secretive, sensitive, sensual – these adjectives all fit Scorpio, the mysterious 8th sign of the Zodiac. The depth and strength of this Water sign can handle all descriptions. The Sun will heat and be heated by this sign beginning on Friday October 23, 2015. There will be intensity, smoldering feelings and be aware that any romantic entanglements can be taken to sizzling heights. OKAY!

With Scorpio’s traditional planet ruler Mars (energy and aggression) and its modern ruler Pluto (power and transformation), any superficial skimming of the surface just won’t do. Put off any thoughts of interaction “lite” for another time. Although, being too passionate and emotional may cause us to get wrapped up in life’s drama and then we discover that the resulting “overwhelm” does not quite match the situation. There is nothing wrong with using an internal pause button when dealing with friends and loved ones to give us a chance to assess what’s going on, rather than just react (over react?).

With its power and intense focus, we can accomplish a lot during a Scorpio Sun regardless of where it appears in your personal chart. However, remember that laughter can be used as a balm to stabilize, bring things into perspective and lighten the atmosphere. Find an authentic way of being that can lift the mood when necessary.

*Gemstone: Topaz *Power color: Deep shades of red *Body Part: Reproductive system (surprise!)

*Sun into Scorpio: 10/23/15 – 1:47 PM Pacific / 10:47 AM Eastern


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