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Weekend Full Moon in Sensitive, Sentimental Pisces 8/29/15

The “Full” stage of the Moon intensifies the characteristics / energy of the Astrology sign it’s in. So, while the Moon is in Water sign Pisces this weekend, think: emotion, creativity, hazy reality, imagination. If you have something important to do, stay focused. Be discerning. If things seem a little vague, you may want to delay any decisions.  Astro Moon Full

Be as imaginative, caring and compassionate as you wish, just don’t be taken in by any promises or sad stories. Be present, stay in the moment – dismiss any escapist urges. Reality may often bite, but it can be handled without mind altering options. Take care of your inner self. You matter.

Full Moon, August 29, 2015 – 2:35PM EDT / 11:35AM PDT

Have a great weekend!


Virgo Sun – Down to Earth Living!

astrology_chartwheel 2The Virgo Sun spreads its influence over us on Sunday 8/23/15. Regardless of whether it’s your Astrological sign or not, the effects of this practical, efficient, Mercury ruled 6th sign of the Zodiac will be noticed until 9/23. Adding to the mix is Jupiter, transiting from 8/11 thru 9/9/16, planet of luck, opportunity and abundance. It can add a boost to the Earth sign’s love of productivity – we can accomplish a lot!

Virgo, sign of health, hard work and service also lets us know that it really is all about the details, details, details. If you want to work better/ want better work, put together the little building blocks needed to create something substantial, step by step. We all deserve achievement so why not go after it now (whatever “it” is). Also, implement a good diet / exercise regimen. Feeling better helps you work better.

Beware of over analyzing, getting wrapped up in too many details (traits ascribed to the typical Virgoan). Being over critical and picky, not “seeing the forest for the trees”, suffering bouts of “paralysis analysis” will just get in the way and slow you down from making improvements, organizing messes, both large and small, and just experiencing a general grounding.

Lovely Virgo things – be useful, do what it takes to make a difference, have worthwhile results. (My version of “Be/ Do/ Have”)

*Gemstone: Carnelian * Power color: Deep green * Body Part: Bowels (Cleansing the system for good health)

**Virgo Sun: August 23, 2015 – 6:38 AM EDT / 3:38 AM PDT



CD Corner: Luther Vandross

Listened again to “The Ultimate Luther Vandross“. It contains great classics from the 80’s and 90’s that are still staples of “soul”, “smooth listening” radio stations around the country: “A House Is Not A Home”, “Power of Love”, “Here and Now”, “Superstar”, “Give Me the Reason”, “Never Too Much”, “Dance With My Father” (which won the Grammy for “Song of the Year” 2004).

Starting off as a back up and commercial jingles singer, Vandross’ solo career began in 1981 with the hit album “Never Too Much”. He went on to win 8 Grammys and sell 25 million CDs.

Saw him only once in concert, but, like the rest of the audience was in the “Luther” zone throughout his terrific performance. Warm, personable and soooo talented, you were pulled right in and ya loved it.

BTW: There are of course several of his clips on youtube. You might even be able to find complete CDs.

However you do it, expect brilliant listening!


Weekend Moon in Virgo – Be Productive, Be Useful!

Saturday and Sunday, 15 & 16th of August, 2015, the Moon will be in Virgo the 6th sign of the Zodiac. There is a mood shift from the playful, sunny, “I” oriented Leo Moon of the last few days into the health and service oriented Earth sign. Well, it won’t be sequins and glitter, but, we can be practical and organized. Make the most of it.

Astro New Moon CrescentYou may notice an inclination to analyze, to focus on the small stuff, no matter how tiny. (This might be an irritant to others, but things will get done – correctly!) So, write those “to do” lists, re caulk the bath tub, be industrious. Your mind will be sharp and no detail will be missed. Just try not to be too fussy or critical – after all it is the weekend.



New Moon in Leo 8/14/15– This Could Be Exciting!

Astro New Moon CrescentBoth luminaries in the same sign means = “New Moon”. The Sun moved into ambitious, generous, enthusiastic Leo on July 22, 2015 and on Friday August 14th, the Moon will also be in the same regal Fire sign. Since this particular Moon phase is always great for beginnings, take it as a sign of encouragement to start something in the next few days. Solar driven joy and confidence bodes well for an active, energetic, creative time. Have fun with any melodrama that might ensue.  (Drama doesn’t always have to be a hissy fit.)

This initiating energy lasts for approx 10 days until the Full Moon (finalize, complete projects). As the Zodiac sign changes, a different part of your chart (life) will be impacted. Next up on Saturday morning, Virgo – health, work, service.

Leo New Moon: 8/14/15 – 10:53AM EDT / 7:53AM PDT



Let’s Talk!, Tweet!, FB! – Gemini Moon Weekend

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lOn Saturday and Sunday, 8/8 and 8/9/15, the Moon will be in multi-tasking, Air sign Gemini. We’ll be searching for people to listen to us, read us or both. We got something to say! Ruled by Communication planet Mercury, the 3rd sign of the Zodiac’s symbol, twins (think Castor/Pollux), is indicative of its dual nature, which can make it a great time to do two things at once – scrabble and crossword, chat and charm, read and write.

The urge to exchange ideas and thoughts, or just gossip, will be strong. Instead of snark, be clever, be smart, be entertaining. Have fun, spread knowledge – teach something, learn something – enjoy the youthful energy that is particularly Gemini. 

Have a versatile weekend!


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