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Weekend: Nurturing Cancer / Glamorous Leo

All day Friday March 27, 2015, until late Saturday evening, the Moon is comfortable in the sign it rules, caring, cautious Cancer. On Sunday, the Lunar orb sparkles in light seeking, live it up Leo. The weekend is split between these very different Moon energies – make it work.

Water sign Cancer brings feelings and emotions close to the Astro moon-waning-crescent-lsurface. Moodiness could get in the way of what you might enjoy better – the care and feeding of friends, family, strays. Choose.

Life perks up as the Moon jumps into Fire sign Leo. It’s ruled by the Sun, so there is a natural pull towards “shine on me” melodrama and theatrics. It could turn into a hot mess when everyone demands their close up at the same time. Or, it could be loads of fun. Choose.

Have a great weekend!


An Aries Sun Means “Spring is Here” (Finally!)

astrology_chartwheel 2Spring (Vernal Equinox) graces us on Friday March 20, 2015. It coincides with the move of the Sun into active, aggressive, adventurous Aries. In the past 12 months, the Sun has transited all 12 Zodiac signs and at 1 degree of Aries, the cycle starts anew and so can we. This is a great time for beginnings, start ups, deciding when/what to plant, etc. We should keep our eyes open for opportunities on the horizon.

Ruled by the warrior planet Mars, the influences of the first Astrology sign’s high energy can be used to springboard ideas and projects that have been percolating all winter. However, with unpredictable, non conformist planet Uranus visiting Aries until 2019, recklessness, with the often resulting scattered energies can result in waste- time, energy, money. Pay attention to those urges to just “act” (act out or act up). Action with purpose and focus, rather than just because we’re bored will work. Think projects through and complete them. 

Adding potential snap and crackle to interactions, Communication planet Mercury transits Aries from 3/31 until 4/14/15. Writing, speaking, etc. may have more quickness, edge and bite – you’ll be great in debates? Create powerful tweets? (Just watch the snark)

As always, those most affected have the Sun. Moon and/or Rising sign in Aries, but the rest of us will still feel the feisty vibes somewhere in our lives depending upon where the Fire sign appears in our chart.

Aries Sun* Spring Equinox 3/20/15: 6:45 PM Eastern / 3:45 PM Pacific

*Gemstone: Garnet * Power Color: Fiery Red * Body Part: Face

FYI – In celebration of the ancient art of Astrology, March 20th is designated as “International Astrology Day”.


Capricorn Moon – Wild Ambition!

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lOk, maybe not “wild”, but it can be intense 😉 The Capricorn Moon this weekend, March 14 and 15, 2015 can mean it’s time to be in charge, time to get things accomplished, time to work hard – all with the deliberate and dutiful movement of this Earth sign. Its serious, focused energy pushes us to step to the front, assign tasks, give directions, be The BOSS!

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries and life lessons (not always fun, but can be maturing), the 10th sign of the Zodiac has ambitious yearnings. The agenda involves managing career, creating success (whatever that means to you) and striving for the pinnacle. Are your business strategies, actions producing the results you want? Get “crackin”!

Have a productive weekend – but don’t forget to smile.


Virgo Full Moon- Think Self-Improvement

Astro Moon FullThe Lunar orb will be in the health and service oriented Earth sign Virgo on Thursday, March 5, 2015.  When the Moon (Virgo) is opposite and reflecting the Sun (Pisces), we see a glorious “Full Moon”. This responsible, hard working 6th sign of the Zodiac loves making lists, handling the details and getting things done. We can use the energy to pay more attention to taking care of ourselves and our work. (Diet, exercise, organization)

A Full Moon phase is a great time to move towards finalizing whatever project or health regimen you may have been planning. The universe will support you.

The influences of this Lunar phase will last for several days even when the sign changes.

*Virgo Full Moon: March 5, 2015 – 1:05PM EST / 10:05AM PST 

** Reminder : Daylight Savings Sunday 3/8/15 – Clocks (Spring) Forward!