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Dream! Create! – Pisces Moon Weekend

Astro New Moon CrescentAs you know, the Moon changes signs about every 2 ½ days. A good thing, since we react to the Lunar orb’s energy as it is colored by the Zodiac sign of the day – keeps life interesting. And a Pisces Moon can certainly do that.

After the Moon glides into the 12th sign of the Zodiac on Saturday, November 1, 2014, its sensitive, emotional vibrations will be felt the rest of the weekend. Because this vulnerable Water sign can give us vibrant dreams and imaginings, keep paper and pen handy to jot down any genius moments that may result. This can be great for creativity – paint something, draw something, write something.

Pisces planet ruler Neptune can also relax our boundaries, blur edges and fog over what is genuine. Do remain grounded and sober. If there is something important to be done, get a grip, focus and handle it, but if it can wait, hold off until things are clearer, less vague. (A sharp Aries Moon is next up on Monday morning.)

Happy Halloween Friday!         pumpkin halloween



Christmas Has Come Too Soon!

I’ve held off and was able to control my shock and horror when I saw the “Christmas in July days” advertised on assorted Home Shopping channels. I’ve even refrained from snarkish mutterings while rolling my cart past twinkling displays in Costco. A TV channel (not to be named) is launching Christmas themed movies on Halloween. I am NOT a Grinch, but, it is too soon.

Xmas trees 2I love the holidays – the smells, the sounds, the food, the ribbons & boxes, the door stopper fruit cake & all the glittery stuff that comes with the season. (Those little white lights wrapped around shrubs or trees make me smile.) I will flood family, friends & neighbors with good wishes, good vibes, happy salutations, etc, urging all to be thankful and grateful for what we have. And, I think keeping a decorated tree in your living room all year long is anyone’s prerogative – enjoy. However, “Jingle Bells” in Wal-Mart in August is too soon. The stomach rolling, dancing Santa and the wiggling mounted fish should only be seen in the dead of winter – not in Walgreens in September. Listening to Burl Ives singing “Have a Jolly, Jolly Christmas” in an elevator before Halloween is too soon.

Please, don’t get me wrong and dismiss this post as just a ranting whine of a woman of a certain age. It’s an observation. Yes, I know I “observed” this “too early” Xmas situation last year and the year before that & I understand my missive will change nothing – but, it clears my air!

I love the Christmas holidays, but July, August, September, October – too soon!

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New Moon In Sensual Scorpio!

Astro New Moon CrescentThe Lunar orb moves into sensitive, emotional, Water sign Scorpio on Thursday October 23, 2014 (along with the Sun). A “New” Moon and a Solar Eclipse, occurring in the same sign, makes the caution “hold on”, excellent advice – power and passion can go off the charts. Moderation works, aggression doesn’t always. Going deeper may reveal things that you don’t want to see or hear.

However, New Moons are great for beginnings, initiating plans. The 8th sign of the Zodiac gives us the power to be focused, persistent and determined. For the next 2 weeks, seize the opportunity and go after what you want.

*Scorpio New Moon: October 23, 2014- 5:57PM EST / 2:57PM PST

The Heat is On – Sun Into Scorpio 10/23/2014!

It may be a cool, brisk Fall day, but on October 23, 2014, the Scorpio Sun brings heat and sizzle. Potent, powerful, persistent, passionate OR, stubborn, secretive, sensitive, sensual. I couldn’t decide on which group of adjectives to use for the mysterious 8th sign if the Zodiac, so I’ve decided that it isn’t an either / or decision. The depth and strength of this Water sign can handle all descriptions. “Watch out, hot plates coming through”. (Sorry, heard that once in a diner. It fits.)

astrology_chartwheel 2Where does Scorpio, ruled by power and transformation planet Pluto, appear in your chart”, Sun sign, Ascendant, Moon? Regardless of the House placement, the 8th sign of the Zodiac brings intensity and deep feeling to us all. Many times when confronted with an issue, there will only be either a yes or a no response – compromise is out of the question. “Maybe” will not be acceptable. It is black or white with no shades of grey. Especially now with Saturn, planet of discipline, perseverance, and boundaries, visiting until December 23, 2014, feelings of responsibility, the demand for real life, well defined positions, along with some hard edged decisions will be amped. Superficial skimming the surface, in conversation or action, just won’t do.

Note that deep and fierce stuff can lead to all sorts of “feelings” that you may not be prepared to confront. So, don’t be surprised if emotionality occasionally goes unchecked. Often, the resulting “overwhelm” may not quite match the situation. There is nothing wrong with using an internal pause button to give us a chance to think, rather than just react. We can accomplish a lot during this time using Scorpio’s power and focus. But also remember that laughter can be used as a balm to stabilize, bring things into perspective and lighten the atmosphere.  

BTW: Lovely, romantic Venus visits Scorpio from 10/24 thru 11/17/14. The transit should enhance sensuality, add lushness and perhaps soften seduction. And, because it is transiting this intense sign, actions and revelations will be serious – about what you value and especially how you value yourself.  The scope of the impact depends on where (which House) Scorpio falls in your particular chart.

*Gemstone: Topaz *Power color: Deep shades of red * Body Part: Reproductive system

*Sun into Scorpio: 10/23/14 – 4:57AM Pacific / 7:57 AM Eastern

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Chatty, Snappy Gemini Moon Weekend 10/11/14

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lThe Moon will be in multi tasking Gemini on Saturday and Sunday. Ruled by flexible Mercury, the weekend will probably be all about communication of some kind. Twins, think Castor/Pollux, are the usual symbol for Gemini and its dual nature makes it a great time to do two things at once- scrabble and crossword, chat and charm, read and write, but remember to breathe – everything doesn’t have to happen at warp speed.

Try to hold off on the gossip, it can come back to bite you. If the temptation for verbal mischief is too great, see a movie, take a class. The winged planet is currently Retrograde, so be careful with personal interactions to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Instead of snark, be clever, be entertaining – with an Airy Gemini Moon, the options are endless  😎

Have a versatile weekend

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Aries Full Moon 10/8/14 – Hold On…

Astro Moon total Lunar Eclipse Blood MoonThis month’s Full Moon, a total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon), is in Fire sign Aries. The 1st sign of the Zodiac is ruled by “Warrior” planet Mars. Combustible, physical and aggressive, this sign’s usual “in your face” traits will be intensified by the power of a “Full” phase and also by unpredictable transiting Uranus.  Even though currently retrograde, until 12/21/14, it still can be full of surprises and urges for revolution.

Do the suggested Full Moon things – finish up old projects, clarify any fuzzy ideas that keep hanging around (remember Mercury is Retrograde now, so this is a good time to review). Use the extra Aries energy and take action. By clearing out useless stuff, you create space for the “new” ideas, things, spaces, people. However, forceful Aries can be a little over the top sometimes. Don’t torch everything while trying to weed out the old, think things through before the ashes start to float around.

  • Full Moon Aries– October 8, 2014: 6:51AM EDT / 3:51AM PDT

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