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Final Mercury Retrograde of 2014!

Astro Planet Glyphs 2No need for us to be crazed and confused. We will get through it, again.

On Saturday, October 4, 2014, Mercury Retrograde begins in emotional, intense, “dig deeper” Scorpio. It may affect any investigations, secrets, mysteries you’ve been working on or cause communication gadget interruptions, etc. Make sure any data, information, details researched and uncovered are correct. Double check your sources while you back up the devices that you use to search and / or store. Being cautious can avoid any confusion, miscommunication, misunderstandings. Mercury’s backward motion begins in the passionate 8th sign of the Zodiac, but will back up into relationship focused Libra on 10/10/14 until it stops and goes Direct again on 10/25/14. Don’t be surprised if people, places, events of the past return to haunt, bite or even please us. Watch what you write, be careful of what you say in order to lessen the possibility of negative impact as you interact with others.

“Retrograde” is the perfect time for “re” actions, such as, re invent, re write, re reread, revisit, renew. Use the next 3 weeks to take another look at past decisions or old projects that may have been dropped and forgotten. Does an idea deserve another chance, another go round? Was anything missed? Are there any monetary, financial accounting mishaps? When Mercury goes Direct on October 25, things will gradually become clearer as the planet picks up speed. You’ll be able to go forward with anything you may have discovered. If you can, wait a few days after Mercury’s forward motion before signing contracts or agreements.

Good news! This is the 3rd and final Retrograde Mercury of 2014! (next 1/21/15 – 2/11/15)

BTW: Mercury just “appears” to go backwards. Planets only move forward, however, due to the earth’s changing speed as it orbits around the Sun, the positions are such that it looks like a reverse motion from earth.

*Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 10/4/14 – 1:02PM EDT / 10:02AM PDT

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New Moon in Relationship Focused Libra!

Astro New Moon CrescentThe Moon’s Zodiac sign position can set mood and energy. The Lunar orb is in its “New” phase (the Sun and the Moon are in the same sign) which means that Airy Libra’s traits intensify. So consider the social, charming, creative Libra New Moon on Tuesday / Wednesday a great time for making new friends, relationships, partners, contracts, etc. (Blind date? Speed networking/business card exchange party?) Regardless, seek balance and harmony.

The universe will support New Moon innovation for the next 10 days or so until the Moon is “Full” – which begins a period of finishing up, completing projects, etc.

*Libra New Moon – Sept 23, 2014 11:14PM PDT / Sept 24, 2014 2:14AM EDT

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Sun in Charming Libra – Fall is Here!

astrology_chartwheel 2The Autumn Equinox arrives the same day as the Sun glides into Libra on Monday September 22, 2014. Relationships of all types are now in the forefront for the next few weeks – family, friends, marriages, business partners. It’s fun to be with people, to chat, flirt, cajole. The 7th sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Venus, seeks cooperation, genial negotiations in both business and personal relationships.

Mercury, Communication planet ruler of chatty Gemini and analytical Virgo in Air sign Libra since 9/2/14, will remain until 9/28/14. It will return again on 10/11/14, until 10/25/14, while Mercury goes into its Retrograde period. (The backward motion will actually begin on 10/5/14 in Scorpio.) It should make for some clever, smart dinner conversation.

The Libra way is to see both sides of an issue before making decisions. However, seeking harmony by trying to be “fair” can sometimes lead to appearing indecisive. Or, using the “Pros/Cons” list method for making decisions can just strings the selection process out. Be aware that important action can be stalled by over think. Paying attention to instinct and being honest will give a more direct line to a choice. Don’t hesitate to show your spine when needed (some may be surprised when the Libra inner tensile strength is revealed), you’ll still be loved!

As always, your experience of the Sun in a particular sign depends most upon where it appears in your chart, but a Libra Sun does set a mood to benefit us all. Edges can be smoothed off of some contentious interactions, they may soften and even be resolved. Libra wants to cast a glow of congeniality. It’s all about balance, socializing, networking, getting along.

*Libra Sun / Fall Equinox 9/22/14 – 10:29 PM Eastern / 7:29 PM Pacific

Gemstone: Aventurine * Power colors: Blues and violets * Body Part: Kidneys

(BTW: The Scale is Libra’s Astrology symbol. All other Zodiac signs are either people or animals.)

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Leo and Virgo = Mixed Moon Moods for the Weekend 9/19/14

Upbeat and dramatic, Friday and Saturday’s animated Leo Moon can be a fun kickoff to the weekend. This Fire sign always sends us into attention getting activities, which can often lead to melodrama. Relax, its not all about you, share the spot;ight. Be creative, kind and generous in spirit, have a good time. Astro moon-waning-crescent-l

Sunday changes our energy when the Moon travels into Earthy Virgo. Its traits of practicality and responsibility will give focus to doing what is needed. Take care of loose ends, pay attention to the details, handle your business – accomplishment is exciting and makes you feel proud  😀

Go with the flow. Make it a weekend to remember!

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Taurus & Gemini – Together for the Weekend!

Astro moon-waning-crescent-lStarting with September 12, 2014, the weekend is a mixed bag of possibilities. It can be a loving, luxurious Friday and Saturday or it can be a stubborn, determined 2 days. An earthy, Taurus Moon, ruled by Venus speaks to life’s beauty but its fixed nature also taps into the obstinate “bull” in us. Hmmmm, which way to go?

Change of pace on Sunday, the Moon sends us into the fast talking, multi tasking, change loving world of Gemini. Duality is the key word– yes, we can often do 2 things at once, but no, it doesn’t go well all the time. Be versatile, but focused – it can work.

Have a great and varied weekend!

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Harvest Full Moon in Pisces 9/8/14!

Astro Moon red-moon-eclipseGet a grip. Monday’s Full Moon in sensitive, emotional Water sign Pisces is wonderful for creativity and connecting with others, but sometimes not so much for staying grounded in what is actually happening. Be as imaginative, caring and compassionate as you wish, just don’t be taken in by any “too good to be true” promises or “poor me” scenarios. Be present, stay in the moment – dismiss any escapist urges. Reality may often bite, but it can be handled without mind altering options. Take care of your inner self. You matter.

When the Moon is “Full”, the Sun is directly opposite and lights it up. Rather than the more familiar crescent shape, we see it round and beautiful. The Lunar orb is “waning” on its way to the 3rd and 4th quarters, making it a good time to finish up old projects, clean up messes that you have been staring at for the past few weeks.

BTW – “Harvest” is any Full Moon that occurs closest to the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox. (Which will happen when the Sun moves into Air sign Libra on 9/22/14).

Full Moon Pisces: 9/8/14 9:38PM EDT / 6:38PM PDT

Air & Water – Surprising Aquarius / Imaginative Pisces!

Friday afternoon, September 5, 2014, finds us with the Moon in Air sign Aquarius. Ruled by the innovative, unpredictable planet Uranus, we should think in terms of – “anything can happen”. Things can break, things can get fixed, wonderful people can pop up or, people, (who, lets say, can only be called “interesting”) appear out of nowhere. Sudden moves, rapid change, the unexpected – embrace your flexibility. Astro moon-waning-crescent-l

On Sunday afternoon, the energy changes to a more impressionistic and vulnerable vibe. The Moon shifts into Pisces, ruled by imaginative Neptune. Think empathy and compassion – but don’t “feel” so much that you smother yourself with sad stories. With Water signs, sensitivity can be overwhelming and has us looking for some kind of escape. Stay grounded, keep your eye on what’s real, determine what is credible – you can still spread kindness.

Have a terrific weekend!

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