Gung Hay Fat Choi – Chinese Lunar New Year, 2/8/16

2016 Chinese New Year Monkey

The Chinese New Year of the Monkey, on February 8th, is expected to bring energy, wit, innovation and a bit of impishness to 2016. Be prepared for a fast paced, unpredictable year. Cleverness abounds, but do be careful of false promises.

Risk vs Reckless. Stay grounded!

Gung Hay Fat Choi


FYI: The Chinese Lunar New Year, unlike the “Sun” calendar, can begin on a different date each year, but mostly falls between 21 January and 20 February.



Gemstones & Colors By Astrology Sign!

Astro Zodiac Gems 3Just about everyone knows their Astrology Sun Sign based upon their date of birth. But there are also certain gemstones and colors that express each sign. (The gems listed next to the Sun Signs below may differ from the traditional “Birth Month” stone that you’re used to.)

*Aries (March 21-April 19) = Gemstone: Garnet /Power color: Red, fiery colors

*Taurus (April 20-May 21) = Gemstone: Rose Quartz / Power color: Soft rose-pink

*Gemini (May 22-June 20) = Gemstone: Agate / Power color: Yellow

*Cancer (June 21-July 22) = Gemstone: Emerald /Power color: Moon colors – silver, pale gray

*Leo (July 23- Aug 22) = Gemstone:Tiger’s Eye / Power color: Sun colors – Gold, orange

*Virgo (Aug 23-Sept 22) = Gemstone: Carnelian/ Power color: Deep green

*Libra (Sept 23-Oct 22) =  Gemstone: Opal, Agate / Power color: Blues and violets

*Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21) = Gemstone: Topaz / Power color: Deep, dark shades of red

*Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21) = Gemstone: Citrine, Sodalite / Power color: Lilac, Mauve

*Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19) = Gemstone:  Obsidian, Onyx/ Power color: Black, grays

*Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18) = Gemstone: Blue Tiger’s Eye / Power color: Ultramarine blue

*Pisces (Feb 19-March 20) = Gemstone: Amethyst / Power color: Purple

Yes, this can all just be great excuse to buy a rock of some kind for the jewelry collection and add some finery to your wardrobe – but, it can also be used as a way to have fun while fully expressing your power. Let yourself glow!

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Leo Full Moon Sets the Stage 1/23/16!

Astro Moon FullSaturday’s Full Moon, January 23, 2016, will be in dramatic, Fire sign Leo – no better way to heat up, perk up a winter weekend! A “Full” phase intensifies the traits of the sign it is visiting and with Sun ruled Leo, (its Zodiac symbol is the glorious Lion, King of the jungle) we feel generous, creative and get the urge to flame and sparkle while flitting across the world stage. (“Look at me!”).

So step into the spotlight, wear some regal purple, be royally magnanimous to your subjects (friends and family) and have a great time. Also, use the Full Moon’s energy to finish projects begun at the time of the last New Moon (1/9/16). Its considered a fortunate time to take care of loose ends and it will last for about 10 days even as the Moon moves into efficient Virgo on Monday.

  • Leo Full Moon: January 23. 2016 – 8:46PM EST / 5:46PM PST


Aquarius Sun 1/20/16 – Freedom Energy!

astrology_chartwheel 2The Sun rallies into intellectual, team focused, Air sign Aquarius on Wednesday January 20, 2016. The 11th sign of the Zodiac is ruled by the unpredictable, unconventional, undeniably radical planet Uranus. It’s all about independence, the resentment of all “ties that bind”, a love of sudden changes of direction and thinking “outside of the box”. Expect the unexpected.

Aquarius has a stubborn streak. It is one of three “Fixed” signs of the Zodiac, along with Taurus and Scorpio. While the urge to stand ground and refuse to follow along are all present, give attention to another trait which is the desire to contribute to the universe in some way. Groups, communities and their causes are a natural concern for Aquarius. (It is about “We/Us” rather than “I/Me.) There is determination to resolve issues that are deemed important. Regardless of your birthday, we can all tap into those vibrations as the Sun intensifies this sign’s influences.

Marching for a cause, taking risks, being on the edge, or ledge – all sounds intense, but it can be done with warmth and humor. If you’re going to spend time enrolling people into saving the world, you might as well have fun doing it.

BTW: don’t get confused – even though the Astrology symbol is the “Water Bearer”, Aquarius is an Air sign!

*Sun into Aquarius: January 20, 2016 = 10:28 AM EST / 7:28 AM PST
*Gemstone: Blue Tiger’s Eye *Power color: Ultramarine blue * Body Part: Ankles




Who Should, Could, Would You Love? Like?

Astro rainbow-horoscope-wheel-charOkay, its 2016! No pressure, but are you looking for that special someone? (Friend, lover, business partner?) That once over used social intro – “Hey, what’s your sign?” – is a valid question when looking for relationships. Zodiac signs are grouped from Aries to Pisces – all 12 have a “partner”. Does it mean that the sign opposite yours has to be your “soul mate” – no, but, there may be undeniable energy and/or attraction. Worth a look.

Sun Signs are listed below with their direct opposites. Either you will find spending time with a person from the other sign tangy and energizing or there may be a need for tender attention and compromise. However, consider them the other side of your Astrology coin, the other half of your puzzle:


Aries: March 21-April 19 (Energetic, Impulsive)  and

Libra: Sept 23-Oct 22 (Charming, Social)


Taurus: April 20-May 21 (Solid, Responsible, Patient)  and

Scorpio: Oct 23-Nov 21 (Intense, Deep Connections)


Gemini: May 22-June 20 (Changeable, Communicator, Versatile)  and

Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21 (Adventurous, Enthusiastic, Optimistic)


Cancer: June 21-July 22 (Family Oriented, Emotional)  and

Capricorn: Dec 22-Jan 19 (Authority Figure, Disciplined, Traditional)


Leo: July 23- Aug 22 (Pride, Fun Loving, Generous)  and

Aquarius: Jan 20-Feb 18 (Unpredictable, Freedom loving)


Virgo: Aug 23-Sept 22 (Its All in the Details, Service)  and

Pisces: Feb 19-March 20: (Dreamer, Sensitive)


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Goals to Set, Plans To Make – Capricorn New Moon!

Astro New Moon CrescentThis Saturday, January 9. 2016, Capricorn traits get a boost and will be enhanced – work, ambition, persistence. “New” energy can give us the push to start the year with plans to accomplish goals, advance a career, clear a space to achieve. New Moons are always full of “beginning” possibilities and with this 10th sign of the Zodiac, although not as perky and upbeat as the sign before it, Sagittarius, there is no need to slow down or get sluggish here.

Capricorn can supply the pragmatism and discipline to go forward and pursue a path to success. Even though the Lunar orb will change signs into Aquarius on Sunday afternoon, New Moon energy lasts for about 10 days.

Start something, create something, plan something

* Capricorn New Moon: 1/9/16 – 8:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM PST


2016 * Another New Year, Another New Mercury Retrograde

What a way to start the year! The first Mercury Retrograde of 2016 begins on Tuesday, January 5. Are ya ready for this?

Astro Planet Glyphs 2Mercury is concerned with all forms of information, travel, education, tech stuff and small appliances. Labeled, “the Communication planet”, it’s often confusion generating backward sky motion begins in humanitarian, revolutionary, group oriented Air sign Aquarius, reverses back to ambitious, responsible Earthy Capricorn on 1/9/16 and stops there on 1/25/16. It’s Direct motion towards Aquarius will begin again shortly thereafter.

With Aquarius in the mix, ruled by eccentric, revolutionary Uranus, transportation, team plans and technical mix ups can occur. As always, back up, double check, confirm. Make sure everyone is on the same page and shows up for the rally at the right place. (Difference between Paris, TX and Paris, France – that sort of thing. Seems silly, but it happens)

On 1/9, when the planet backs into 10th sign of the Zodiac Capricorn, the possibilities of disturbances still apply but with more focus on career, status, security, finances, etc. Go over business details, written communications, personal and business budget plans that may need tweaking. Catch an error and “save face”, save money.

As always, my urging is to “pawz and refwesh”, as Elmer Fudd would say:

rethink, reassess, revisit, review, rewrite

Things will gradually become clearer as Mercury picks up speed. You’ll be able to go forward with anything you may have discovered during the pause and refresh time out. If you can, wait a few days after Mercury’s forward motion before firming up new partnerships and signing contracts or agreements.

Of course, life goes on, there are chores and plans that must be handled regardless of what Mercury is doing. Retrograde chaos is not inevitable. We can mitigate potential misunderstandings by paying attention to the details.

BTW: Mercury just “appears” to go backwards. Planets only move forward, however, due to the earth’s changing speed as it orbits around the Sun, the positions are such that it looks like a reverse motion from earth.

*Mercury Retrograde: 1/5/16 * 8:06AM EST / 5:06AM PST



Happy New Year!

“Lean Forward” into 2016.  Not original, but I like it because it can be taken in different ways: “Lean Forward” because of excitement for the next step, “Lean Forward” with the wind at my back propelling me toward an objective or “Lean Forward” against any resistance / obstacle – slicing like a hot knife thru butter toward the goal seen ahead. happy new year

We start off the year, January 1, 2016, with a lovely, lively Libra Moon. Ruled by graceful, elegant Venus, this Air sign is the Zodiac’s charmer and social butterfly. So, keep it upbeat and mellow – fill in your 2016 calendar with the good stuff.

Lean Forward * Happy New Year!





Full Moon in Comfy Cancer 12/25/15

Astro Moon FullChristmas Day finds us with a Full Moon in the nurturing, sensitive Water sign of Cancer. A “Full” phase (Sun and Moon gloriously opposite each other) is good for the finalization of projects, clearing up messes, etc. The 4th sign of the Zodiac is family and home focused, so completing old business may involve where you live. Make your environment safe and secure as possible, clear out the old, give space for the new. Gather and give away anything no longer useful or positive in your space, whether it be things, feelings or conversations. Get rid of what’s “done and dusted” – finish whatever was started at the time of the New Moon.

*Full Moon December 25, 2015 – 6:11 AM EST /3:11 AM PST



Capable, Careful, Careerist Capricorn Sun 12/21/15

A serious Capricorn Sun arrives on Monday December 21, 2015 along with the celebrated Winter Solstice. As the year’s end approaches, mixed in with all the festivities, it’s the perfect time to look at what we’ve accomplished in the last 12 months and make plans for 2016. I love that whole “what’s next?” questioning process. A New Year, a blank calendar, great things are possible!

astrology_chartwheel 2Capricorn, an Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn, ambitious, efficient, grounded, practical and patient. Yes, very different from all the upbeat holiday revelry most of us have been experiencing under the Sagittarius Sun, however, there’s no need to have a letdown. Capricorn can keep us busy, accomplished and sensible. Re-goal yourself (I made this word up), tune up career moves, network in house, organize whatever needs to be shaped up. Make something happen. Just don’t get so bogged down in responsibilities that you become rigid and cautious.  Key word – “delegate”!

There are 2 planets, plus the Sun, in Capricorn right now meaning that wherever this sign appears in the birth chart, its traits are intensified in that section of life. (And of course, a Capricorn Sun or Rising sign is especially energized.)

Planets in Capricorn:

*Pluto – Deep feelings, possible changes in career direction, upheavel, rebirth (since 2008 until 2023)

*Mercury – Moved into Capricorn on 12/10/15 – Communication can become serious and narrow-thinking. Maintain sense of humor. Reign in sharp, hurtful speech. (Until 2/14/16 * the planet will be Retrograde from 1/6/16 – 1/26/16)

However, regardless of your birth date, we may feel the Capricorn influence as we reach for an upgrade in status, get a thrill directing traffic and telling people what to do and where to go. Being the “top dog” is not a burden. Being in charge is welcome – fun for the boss, but maybe not so much for the employee? Remember to be careful with how you treat others, you can be authoritative with honey, rather than vinegar.

*Capricorn Sun = December 21, 2015…11:49 PM EST / 8:49 PM PST

Gemstone: Obsidian, Onyx *Power color: Black, grays * Body Part: Bones

FYI:  “The Winter Solstice occurs exactly when the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun at its maximum of 23° 26′…The seasonal significance of the winter solstice is in the reversal of the gradual lengthening of nights and shortening of days.” (per WikiPedia)